Love Only And No Philosophy

630.2Why should you take by force that from us that which you can have by Love? (Chief Powhatan)

By force, it seems to us that it is easier, that it is closer, that it is one action. And love, I have to fight against myself not against another. I have to show it. I need to make sure that the other person has felt my attitude toward him as correct and that I have already felt a certain response from him. That’s when you can say that I succeeded in my correction.

Question: Outwardly, should I show this love and the effort that I make on myself in order to love a person I do not love?

Answer: I have to play at it until I awaken the same reaction from the person to myself.

Question: So I should feel this mutual breath to feel the love between us?

Answer: Sure. Without this, it is considered that you did not show love, did not express it, that you, in turn, did not achieve love.

Question: This happens only when I overcome myself. Is there no such thing as simple, natural love? Is it not love?

Answer: No. This is all just philosophy.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/15/21

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