Kabbalistic Terms: “Lishma”

laitman_260.01Question: The Kabbalistic term Lishma is translated as “for the sake of the Creator.” What does it mean?

Answer: It is understood that the whole of creation, which is an egoistic desire for one’s own sake, must be corrected, changed, as if turning it inside out in order to do everything not for one’s own sake but for the sake of the Creator or for the sake of others, which is basically the same thing.

It is said: “From love of self to love of friends, and then to love of the Creator.” Meaning, it is one and the same. Only love of the Creator implies universal love, beyond all differences among people. Before that, we just practice on the love of friends.

Question: So both giving and receiving should be done not for my sake but for the sake of the Creator? Why?

Answer: Because this way your desires become infinite and you begin to feel what the Creator feels in them: eternity and perfection. It seems like you’re giving, but in reality you are receiving.

Question: Just like in a single organism where each organ takes what it needs and gives everything else to the rest of the organs, which allows the organism to sustain life for the benefit of all. Does Kabbalah say that we all have to arrive at this state?

Answer: We must come to the most perfect, best possible state of great fulfillment and knowledge. Therefore, “Kabbalah” is translated from Hebrew as the science of “receiving.”

This reception can be eternal and endless, but only if it works together with others.

Question: So this kind of interaction should be between all people?

Answer: Yes. It allows you to receive eternal and perfect fulfillment.

Question: What has to happen for it to occur?

Answer: Recognition of evil in our current state.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 6/17/19

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