Every Moment A Person Must Be New

laitman_744Comment: In Kabbalah, there is a formula for life: If you live today because you lived yesterday, then you are dead.

My Response: Not “because,” but just as I lived yesterday. If you are not changing, then you are dead. Every day a person must be new, be born, as it were, anew.

Comment: Kabbalah says that a person is created new every time.

My Response: Yes, every moment a person is new. If only he feels it.

Question: And what does it mean “every moment a person is new”?

Answer: Reshimot, its internal natural data, are updated. But does a person adapt them to his life? Does he manifest them in himself? Does he feel his inner renewal?

Question: How can he feel it?

Answer: Being more sensitive to what is happening within him. I have to feel, hear, that the Creator is changing in me every second, what He wants from me.

Question: What is changing in a person?

Answer: The attitude to the world and to the Creator.

Question: Is it getting better, worse?

Answer: Closer.

Question: And how should a person recognize it and act?

Answer: By the feeling of intimacy. The world and the Creator require the properties of bestowal and love from a person, participation. That is how a person should control himself, meaning, whether he is more and more in this property.

Question: How can an ordinary person recognize those new desires that lead him closer to the world, closer to the Creator?

Answer: Bestowal and love. He needs to learn that.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman,” 2/4/20

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