The Combination Of The Properties Of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob

232.06There is love, brotherhood, and truth in the Torah. Abraham loved Isaac; Isaac loved Abraham; and they were embraced. And they both gripped Jacob with love and brotherhood and were giving their spirits in one another (The Book of Zohar).

We are not talking about people, but about the internal properties of a person.

Abraham is the property of giving; Isaac is the property of receiving. Jacob combines these two properties into a third property.

The properties of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are the fundamental properties of everyone’s soul, so they are called forefathers. And the Torah speaks of how to use them correctly.
The friends should be like them and not blemish them, for if love is lacking in them they will blemish their value above, that is, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, which are HGT.

If we try to perform actions of mutual bestowal and love and to correctly connect with each other in our properties in the right, left, and middle lines in everyone’s soul, then we will come to a state when Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob will really unite in us in the right combination, and will form a soul that is correctly tuned to the perception of the upper light. Then the upper light will be revealed in us.

Question: How can we harm these great forces?

Answer: Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are forces that exist in nature. We do not harm them. How can you harm the law of universal gravitation? You can only harm yourself when you use it incorrectly.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #21

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