Three Pillars Upon Which The World Stands

Dr. Michael LaitmanRabash; “Abraham Begot Isaac”: In the Mishna it says, “There are three things the world stands on, the Torah, labor and charity.” Abraham is called “a man of charity,” who devotes his power to do kindness towards people, Isaac is called “the pillar of labor,” who devotes his soul upon the altar. And Jacob is called “the pillar of the Torah,” as it says “give the truth to Jacob,” and the Torah is called the Torah of truth. And so every person should reach these three pillars. First these three pillars were revealed one after the other by our Holy forefathers, as each one revealed one pillar. And after the three pillars were revealed, it is also in our power to follow the same path our forefathers paved for us, and this is why we are called “The Chosen People,” because we have a merit that we have inherited from our forefathers, to observe the three pillars, by which the world can exist, which means that by them the world will exist and reach the goal for which it was created.

The Light created the desire, the Light is total bestowal, and the desire is total receiving, but by the Light, the desire has to change to “to receive in order to bestow.” This means that the Light and the desire have to connect in a special way called “above reason” or “the middle line.”

This combination is done by a person’s choice. Thanks to the fact that a person chooses the right combination each time, he includes it inside him. A “human being” is the system that is made of two parts: a Light and a vessel, a desire to bestow and a desire to receive, and by the fact that a person who is between them can choose and determine the right relation between them, he creates a greater combination between the Light and the vessel inside him.

A person’s work is to check himself and to learn from the Light. In order to do that, he already has to be incorporated of “three lines”: of the Light and the vessel and of the right attitude between them, only then will he be able to know what the Light brings him. This is called Abraham’s work, the first spiritual revelation in our work.

Then we begin to work on the vessel in the left line, in order to understand what our matter is. It is possible to see the gap within the matter only if you have the Light and you know how to work correctly with the vessel. This means that the left line itself is also made of three lines in order to learn about the desire correctly—this is called Isaac’s work.

Then there is the work in the middle line: a combination of the left line and the right line into one line, in order to know exactly what we need to do with these two forces. This is called working in the middle line, Jacob’s work, which is in the state of smallness in the meantime, in the root phase, phase one, and phase two. Then, after the attainment of the state of greatness on the third and fourth levels, this work is already called Israel. These are the phases of a person’s spiritual growth.

A person who advances this way has what we call “patriarchal rights,” which means that he receives the method and fulfills it, and he belongs to the chosen people, since he works according to the “three lines,” understanding that he is the “middle line” that connects the first two lines.

The middle line is called a human being and it is also called the Creator, Zeir Anpin, the middle pillar. On the whole, the middle line is the extent to which a person adheres to the Creator.

It is impossible to work in Holiness, since Holiness is called bestowal. Bestowal is possible only in the right combination between the two lines: the right line and the left line into the middle line.

Therefore it says that the world stands on “three pillars: on the Torah, on labor, and on charity” if we look at the process of the correction of the world on our part, from the bottom up. The Torah is the middle line, Jacob, the labor is the left line, Isaac, and charity is Abraham, the right line.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/28/12

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