Man Feels Good When The Whole Universe Feels Good

744Question: Man understands what is good based on what it is good for him. How can we understand what is good based on the global law of the universe?

Answer: People can feel good only when the whole universe feels good because everything is one single organism. Even cosmologists and people who deal with global nature around us talk about this.

The academic Vernadsky came to his theory of noosphere in this way. Famous philosophers and physicists who have studied the universe, including Einstein, write that the whole universe is a huge, enclosed, multi-layered, composite, infinite thought in which all parts are interconnected and support each other.

It is a huge, perfect organism that includes absolutely everything. And we are a cancerous tumor in it because we think only about ourselves. This is the property of cancer. When a part of the body begins to think about itself and absorbs everything into itself, this disease appears.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Universal Law” 9/30/09

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The Ever-Spinning Wheel

528.03Zohar for All,”“Ki Tisa,” Item 54: This is why in his generation, the secrets of Torah were revealed. Rabbi Shimon would say, “All the friends who do not love each other cause themselves to stray from the right path.”

This speaks only about people who are yearning to move forward in order to reach the degree of the Creator. They are already engaged in spiritual methodology, reaching the level of love, mutual support, and mutual adhesion in the group, and then they go through the reverse processes.

Then accordingly, greater egoism is revealed, and again they work on it, and again they rise to the degree of mutual bestowal, connection, and love. Like the mechanism in a watch: tick-tock, tick-tock.

The wheel turns step by step: forward-backward, forward-backward. It seems as if it stops, but in fact, this cessation reveals even greater egoism.

Question: Is the fact that they stray their fault because they do not love each other?

Answer: It is not their fault. They just have to reveal all the enormous egoism in themselves that was created by the Creator. However, it is revealed gradually, according to the 125 levels of our ego that exist in each of us.
From KabTV’s: “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #21

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The Problem Is In The Person

619Comment: Some scientists who studied the science of management believe that strategy development follows from the structure of management. But this postulate is not practically perceived by specific managers who implement certain social and industrial programs.

My Response: The fact is that we do not change people and that is why they cannot manage correctly. They cannot understand the task, solve it correctly, and pass it on to others.

The whole problem is in the person. A person must be integrated and only then will one correctly understand the task (at a new level) and be able to give an appropriate solution. The problem is only in this.
From KabTV’s “The Science of Management”

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The Spirit Of The Acting Mind

509Baal HaSulam, “The Acting Mind”: “I will explain it with an allegory: In every operation in the world, the mind of its operator remains in that operation.”

If we look at a certain action deeply and correctly, we can see the mind that has created and formed it. So, by seeing how it operates, we can understand the purpose and the idea of the one who created it, made it, and processed it.

Question: Can I understand the thought of the expert who did it?

Answer: Yes. You will understand what an expert he is, what he wants to convey to you by it, etc. It can be works of art that have an impact on us in different ways: music, paintings, etc., and it can be different machines, mechanisms, architecture, anything. Anyone who creates something puts a part of himself into it and expresses himself.

“In a table, one can attain the carpenter’s mind and deftness in his craft, whether great or small. This is so because while working, he built it with his mind and the qualities of his mind. And one who observes this operation and considers the mind imprinted in it, during this act, he is attached to the mind that performed it, meaning they actually unite.”

Thus, by action, I can understand the mind, the thought, and the attitude of a person toward what I see as a result of what he has created.

“In truth, there is no distance or cessation between spirituals, even when they are in distinct bodies.” And even when they appear in separate bodies, what is rational in them cannot be described separately.

Even when the Creator has moved away from the object created by Him, all the same, a part of the author remains in this object and lives in it.

“Since what knife can cut the spiritual and leave it separated?” It is impossible to separate it. We see this in everything that happens.

For example, a tragic event took place not long ago—the Notre Dame Cathedral burnt down. It was not completely ruined, but if left in this condition, it will collapse. It is not a problem to rebuild it. There are drawings, there are photographs.

Of course, it will be restored although it is an immense and very expensive undertaking. However. it will not feel like the Notre Dame Cathedral anymore. The truth is, people today will not understand that.

That is, the mind invested then and the mind invested now cannot be compared. Today there are no such architects who assembled those walls and spires. The attitude, the thought, the admiration of the upper force to which they dedicated all that no longer exists. So today, it will simply be a replica of the cathedral.

Question: And will people feel that?

Answer: No. A modern man cannot feel that. But there are people who remember the old Hermitage: the living rooms, the bedrooms, utensils, and all the different objects used by the Tsar. All that is gone now.

Where did it go? Perhaps it was sold. Everything has totally changed! You can feel it. Anyone who has seen and felt it in the past, for him today’s Hermitage is no longer the Hermitage.

Question: Is there a difference between a replica and a reconstruction? Is it possible to feel it directly?

Answer: The original has the spirit of the artist, of the inventor, of the composer himself. It does not exist in the replica. The difference between the original and the replica is like the differences between a living child and a plastic doll.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 4/21/19

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