Man Feels Good When The Whole Universe Feels Good

744Question: Man understands what is good based on what it is good for him. How can we understand what is good based on the global law of the universe?

Answer: People can feel good only when the whole universe feels good because everything is one single organism. Even cosmologists and people who deal with global nature around us talk about this.

The academic Vernadsky came to his theory of noosphere in this way. Famous philosophers and physicists who have studied the universe, including Einstein, write that the whole universe is a huge, enclosed, multi-layered, composite, infinite thought in which all parts are interconnected and support each other.

It is a huge, perfect organism that includes absolutely everything. And we are a cancerous tumor in it because we think only about ourselves. This is the property of cancer. When a part of the body begins to think about itself and absorbs everything into itself, this disease appears.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Universal Law” 9/30/09

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