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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is that blind alley from which a true desire is born?

Answer: This is the egoistic “blind alley” that we pass through all the time when our powers are completely disappointed and suddenly the discovery comes that there is help from the Creator here. This is a small transition.

This is not yet a crossing of the egoistic “barrier” but the understanding that only the Surrounding Light (Ohr Makif) must act here. Nothing else can be here. You are passing through cycles like these where you are disappointed completely and find yourself understanding that the Creator must be here and then get disappointed again and again.

These cycles gradually accumulate in every form of disappointment, reaching a general state where you pass over all the required possibilities, and their summation takes place.

When this integral develops, there comes one general disappointment in all of its capabilities, and a true demand is created that only the Creator can tear through all of this, and this happens. Then, apparently, He has no choice because you already have understood that only He must be present here, and in truth you have a precise and clear demand for this, which is to say: the Kli is ready!

Until then, these disappointments and recognitions that the Creator must act here must repeat themselves as much as possible.

If a person sits with his hands folded and eats himself up, this means that he is not found under the influence of the teacher, the group, and the method, and therefore, cannot quickly realize that all this is intentionally arranged for him from above so he will be disappointed in his possibilities and will understand that the higher power is required here.

In our world, this is not happening because people have no yearning for connection and unity, and therefore, there is no exit toward the higher power. For them, the connection is considered to be a physical gathering, “Ah, connection! So, we gathered and dispersed,” whereas for us, when we desire unity, this awareness takes place because, without the higher power, we cannot attain unity.
From the St. Petersburg Convention “Day Three” 7/14/13, Lesson 5

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  1. Hello Rabbi, Ah Connection is a wounderful word. It s like a big overzised Wav, bright shining like an U or an O. But in fact , in this world of globalization and unification, evil connects more quick with evil than good with good. So it is based, and the world is going down. The Connection is like a big net, the net of a Spider. And there i remind our king saying: The net, that he has prepaired, shall catch himself, and for his own destruction let him fall therein, but my Soul shall be joyful in the Lord and all my bones shall say: Lord , who is like you?

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