A New Approach To Management

271Question: Currently, there are hundreds of approaches in management. They can be grouped into three schools: administrative scientific management, human relations management, and management as art, politics, and technology.

We see that modern society does not cope very effectively with many processes related to production and social issues.

How do you think it is possible in the current situation to develop the direction that we have designated as spiritual management based on the principles of Kabbalah? It can also be called eco-adaptive management, which deeply affects the issues of nature and interaction with the surrounding universe.

Answer: I agree that it is necessary to develop a new approach to management. This is an organizational approach that runs throughout the organization of a management group that brings together completely different specialists, different people. But the most important thing is that an integral relationship should arise between them.

They must become similar to integral nature we are now gradually discovering ourselves in, and therefore, we are entering a crisis with it, that is, in a contradiction. All nature is absolutely integral, like a small village. This is a fully interacting system, for example, like our body, if we consider it ideally where each cell and all together work to maintain it in the most optimal state.

We need to create such a collective of people who, in connection with each other, would be similar to this integral nature. And then they will be able to resolve any issues in a completely new form, first of all, managerial, but in principle, not only managerial. After all, such an interaction will appear between them that they represent a single organism and each of them and all together they suddenly feel themselves to be in an integral system.
From KabTV’s “The Science of Management”

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