Hierarchy In Management

284.03Question: How can we combine collective management with vertical management? To what extent should the boss or leader take the opinion of the people into account?  Should this be done  only when he or she does not have enough information to make a decision?

Answer: We take into account the opinion of the people only when it is necessary to make common actions to solve problems, but nothing more.

Question: So there should be a hierarchy in management?

Answer: Management must be vertical. And a collective must be a collective. A manager must take care about the understanding of the task, the goal to be reached, the solvability of this task, its sequence. For all this should be agreed between everyone, accepted, approved, and everyone should be inspired by the implementation of the task.

Question: In this process, do we need to take into account the opinion of every person? Even in an organization employing several hundred people, not to mention the state?

Answer: You can hold a meeting, maybe even more than one, in order to make the need and sequence of actions clear to everyone.

Question: So it is important for a leader or a manager to hear the opinions of the people, but they have to make decisions by themselves?

Answer: Yes, they listen to the opinions of the people, and it is good for the subordinates to know where everything should lead. There is always room for some mistakes, an opportunity to fix or improve something, and the subordinates themselves will prompt their managers.

Remark: This is all about solving easy tasks. And if you need to solve a serious problem where there is a lot of confidential information and the people do not have this information, then it is quite difficult to make a decision.

My Comment: Then the making of the decision is split into certain segments. At the same time, we must try to do so that a team is involved in their implementation.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 6/11/20

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