For The Sake Of A Collective Decision

530Question: You say that decisions should be made collectively, preferably in a group of ten people. The main thing is not to argue, but to annul yourself. But if everyone annuls themselves, how is a decision made? What is the technique for collective decision making?

Answer: This is the whole technique: to annul yourself all the time for the sake of a collective decision.

Question: If everyone annuls himself, who is going to make a decision then?

Answer: But you will speak out. Then from all the denials of each one’s self, a common solution will appear. It will appear from the fact that you all annul your egoism, and then the decision that is above you will appear.

Remark: But this is already the higher level. There should be really clear communication between people.

My Comment: We need to implement this.

Question: Is it possible to use voting in this case?

Answer: No! This is all savagery and selfishness. We see what happens in the world as a result when a group of time-wasters, people, who do not understand anything, not being guided by the upper reason, not connecting to it, give out their opinion.

Question: And if one solution does not appear in the group?

Answer: There is nothing to do then. We wait. We don’t make any decisions. There is a leader, there is a manager, and we follow them implicitly.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 6/11/20

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