Examples And The Perception Of Information

621Question: The process of perception of new information goes through stages. The first stage is selective, a way of capturing information, then there is recognition based on some associations, followed by interpretation, assessment of the significance of the information, its understanding. And, finally, is the retention of information. Do you agree with this?

Answer: More or less. But all this is very difficult for a person. Let’s say I’m starting to get to know something and I have to check myself against this long list to find out how much am I in this flow of information or in its absorption within myself. This is almost impossible.

Remark: Scientists say that it is important to link new material to clear examples. Otherwise, the material will not be absorbed. For example, it is useless to tell a person about mutual guarantee unless we provide some examples.

The sages knew about this a thousand years ago and wrote the study materials (in the sources) in the form of stories. So when you talk about mutual guarantee, imagine someone drilling a hole in a boat, it all becomes very clear.

My Comment: Sure. In principle this remains, only a lot of data and conditions are added.

Question: I think that it would be a good idea to give various examples in our explanations. For example, when you say: “You must become as round as nature or reflect its laws,” what can I imagine?

For me, nature is forests, groves, the cosmos. What examples could you give when you say that man must reflect the laws of nature?

Answer: One should simply study what nature really is, its laws, what is it trying to tell us. One must acquire some new skills, knowledge, and expand one’s perception.

Question: You often say that the solution to any problem is in uniting humanity. And here the question arises: What picture should I imagine? What does uniting mean? Everyone understands this in their own way.

Answer: Unity is a connection between several completely different beings, concepts, or knowledge when they have a common platform.

The basis for all objects and phenomena lies in desires. And if the desires are directed at unification, then people are looking for some kind of foundation or platform. This usually leads to the fact that they outline for themselves the next, more elevated state and strive for it, and help each other.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 7/24/20

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