A Taste Of Spiritual Attainment

laitman_624_04_0Question: If the taste of spiritual attainment disappears and no effort leads to any new attainments, could this be a permanent state?

Answer: It seems that you are not implementing the wisdom of Kabbalah correctly. You should understand that the wisdom of Kabbalah teaches a person how to internally develop the vessels for feeling the upper world, which we are all in even now. In order to do so, you should practically interact in the study with your fellow students and take part in the special exercises.

When a person engages with the friends, he begins to develop the feeling of the attribute of bestowal, which exists outside of us, within himself. It is called the soul, and it enables a person to feel the Creator. Therefore, the most important thing is engaging in the practical study and the fulfilling the advice of the Kabbalists.

The taste of the Creator is the taste of the filling of the Light, the feeling of the attribute of bestowal.

If energy in the corporeal world is conveyed through me to others, I feel it as a negative feeling, and if energy generated by others enters me, I feel it as a positive feeling. These two currents—positive when I receive and negative when I give—are called egoistic reception.

There is another relation to these two currents. What comes from me to others is positive and what comes from others into me is negative. This state is called the attribute of bestowal. When a person creates this attribute inside himself, it is called his soul.

When a person connects with others with the inclination of the attribute of bestowal, which means through me to others by connecting to them, he begins to feel what we call the Creator in the currents that circulate between himself and others.

Practice and you will begin to feel it!
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/20/16

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One Comment

  1. How would a “taste of spiritual attainment” disappear?
    Isn’t it absolutely impossible?
    How would a taste of eternity fade?
    It is too strong a dope

    An evil banker still has its money in mind whatever occurs to him. Yet this one can be dispossessed from its capital, cause there is nothing eternal in it. And become an poor.

    But a taste of Heaven? To paraphrase Baal Hasulam, with what eraser would this taste be wiped from the flavors of the bone marrow?

    Can a poor erase the vision of rich wealthy happy people enjoying their wealth? No he can not. Even though he may live under harsh conditions, he still has this taste of “upper” luxury and has neither will nor strength or even possibility to clear it from his screen.

    Doesn’t the same apply here?.

    All the best.

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