There Is No Future Without Unity

Dr. Michael LaitmanSpecial Edition: Events in Southern Israel

Our world is very small. Today, we already see how Nature puts pressure on us from all sides. You cannot escape from this “globe.” We can no longer do what we want, burn oil, release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

The laws of nature are immutable. However, we lack knowledge of the laws that are related to the human level of development. We somehow understand child development, but in general, the progress of humanity presents us with surprises all the time. Today, all of a sudden it turns out that we have all become one family.

This is supported by studies in various fields, although common people are not aware of what is happening. The world is totally interconnected and interdependent. Problems of one country spread to others. On the other hand, any country can be paralyzed by sanctions, even if it has everything it needs to survive.

Thus, there is the law of the common body, the common family, and there is no escape. And that is why it is necessary to satisfy the condition of mutual guarantee at the global level. This is the only way we can reach harmony with Nature—by building good relationships between ourselves. In this Nature gives us freedom to grow independently. But if we do not do this, then we get blows: the crisis, war, natural disasters.

It is no coincidence that our relationship with the US is cooling down. It is also very significant. And the decision is inherent in the people of Israel. We have the key. Namely, we are able to reach unity, mutual guarantee, it would seem, from which it follows. We are separated, deceive each other, we show solidarity only in times of war, and even with difficulties…

Well, it is time to say: “Enough!” No one will make peace with us until we make peace between ourselves. How? Through education. This simple message should be conveyed to every person: There is no future without unity. We need to fill the air with this message before we slide down to continuous military conflicts because the situation is getting worse all the time.

So let’s get started. To begin with, there are those who already understand and feel this. We have a method of teaching, and it should be implemented. Unity must be learned, it does not happen by itself. The law of gravity acts automatically, but unity is created by systematic work. Similarly, external influence convinces a person to quit smoking. When I hear from all sides about the harm I cause to myself and others, it starts affecting me.

At the beginning, unity is not the most comfortable feeling, but gradually it will flow into life and we will not be able to manage without it, we will not understand how we lived before. First, we will play in it like children, and then suddenly we will feel it, as habit becomes second nature, as a game becomes a reality. At some point, I will not be able to do otherwise without good relationships. It all depends on us.

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  1. If only people can get past the cultures of dogmas causing so much conflict and destruction. “Father G-d, please help us to get to this place of unity in You TODAY! From a desparate “dummyservant”.”

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