The World Demands Its Correction

The World Demands Its CorrectionSpecial Edition: Events in Southern Israel

We need to want to unite. Gaza Strip is not the main issue. The main issue is unity between us. It is the solution to all other problems. Today people invite “southerners” to stay with them, and this is great, but it will end. While we have to rebuild the nation; we want unity to continue. That is what makes us the people. Mutual love must become an instinct.

Mutual guarantee should be nurtured. We will not see peace without it. Until we unite, we are like nuts in a sack. In fact, we have no other place to live. We will face the same problem everywhere: We do not fulfill our mission. The current crisis is not just a bad streak. Humanity today must become “round,” integral, and it is we who have to provide it with the appropriate method.

Every Jew is responsible for it. And although he or she may have no idea why people hate them, in reality, the world demands the main thing from us: the correction of human society. Sooner or later, we will carry out this task, and the point is to “save” us from suffering. But as soon as we get down to business, the world’s attitude towards us will change. The media will speak differently, and no one will say that Israel has no right to exist. We are special; we have always been like that, and we need to understand what solution is required today.

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