Creative Annulment Before The Friends

934Annulment before the friends is the key, cornerstone, basic, important, but very incomprehensible topic to us.

It will appear between us always with new characteristics until the end of our path to such an extent that we will not even understand where this all comes from, that again and again I have to annul myself before the friends and be included in them, until I completely lose myself in others.

Only in this way will I get closer to the Creator. Therefore, it is said that the Creator stands behind the friends. It is a great action of the Creator that He created such a means by which we can understand Him, approach Him, and reveal Him.

He created an opportunity for us; through uniting with our friends, annulling ourselves before them, becoming included in them, getting lost in them, and dissolving in them, we can approach the Creator.

In principle, this is all one and the same because we can do nothing regarding the Creator in any way. And the Creator created such an environment for us in relation to which we can do the work of annulling our egoism, moreover, to see and feel clearly, in action, how with my heart and mind I approach them, feel, and understand them more.

It is enough for me to do this even in my small group in order to feel the Creator after successful, correct work, and to start working in a group with new feelings, desires, data, properties, and forces.

Therefore, a group of friends is not something superfluous and irrelevant. It is no coincidence that there are so many of us in the world. This is precisely the main action of the Creator, that He not just created man, but made it so that man could be surrounded by other people and be in contact with them to start to feel how much his ego needs them, and how he could change his state in relation to them and give all of himself to them, to his ten.

This is our most important task: the possibility of gaining a spiritual quality from zero, the smallest one, up to complete merging, connection between everyone and with the Creator.

All this happens only through connection within a small group and then with more and more people until the whole of humanity enters such a state.

Therefore, it is not simply annulment before the friends but also inclusion with them. That is, our egoism should be annulled and the opposite property or force should grow out of egoism to replace it: bestowal, love, connection, inclusion, unification, connection, adhesion, etc.

Everything is built on the fact that in our unification we find the inner properties of this unity, and this will be called the revelation of the Creator to man.

The most important thing is to feel the importance of the group and the need to unite. Without this, we cannot take a single step toward the Creator. This is done only from the center of the group, from our connection.

Otherwise, we will not be able to have those feelings, those properties, with which we must come to the Creator and be in contact with Him, the property of bestowal and love. This property fills everything, but we do not feel it because we are opposite to it.

How can we tune in to perceiving this quality of bestowal and love? All this is attained by annulling before the friends. Moreover, this is not a simple annulment but a creative one. After all, I must annul myself in order to move toward them, to unite with them, and to merge with them so that our unification manifests itself to us as the property of the Creator, the property of bestowal. This is called: “You created Me,” as the Creator says.

We move toward each other out of our egoism by making a restriction on it. And after we restrict it, we can start to expand it in the opposite direction, toward altruistic bestowal, but with the same force to an even greater extent.

Here we must understand how to work with our egoism with which we were originally created and how to invert it, that is, turn it to the property of connection and love and rise above ourselves. This happens by faith above reason when the property of Bina, the property of bestowal, becomes higher than the property of reception, sensation, and awareness, and the main thing for us is to be in bestowal.
From the International Convention “Rising Above Ourselves” 1/7/22, “Annuling before the Friends” Lesson 2

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