One Nation as One Family

200.02In science, diversity of opinions and disputes are useful and help global advancement; but in politics disagreements, on the contrary, can lead to division in society and civil war. Is it possible to have different and even opposite opinions about what the character of the country and its purpose should be and at the same time feel like one nation and one family?

Everything is possible in this life only if we look at how to strengthen the connection between us despite all the differences of opinion. If the difference breaks our bond, then we should not reveal it until we have strengthened our connection.

Each step should begin with greater unity, and only then can we discuss where our opinions don’t match. And then, despite the fact that one thinks one way and the another thinks another way, we will decide how to unite, and from this unity we will see the answer.

In fact the answer is simple: the right decision is the revelation of the Creator. When the Creator reveals Himself in us, He gives us all the right decisions.

After all, society is not a laboratory where we can conduct experiments and verify an unambiguous result. It turns out that there are not those who are right and those who are wrong because the truth is above all our disputes. The truth is that “all transgressions will be covered by love.”
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/3/23, “A Dispute For the Sake of The Creator”

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