Rosh HaShanah—Beginning Of A New Life

963.6Man emerges from the Exodus from Egypt with rising above his egoism. Until he exits his egoism, he is not yet considered a person because he is at the mercy of his egoistic nature. By rising above egoism, a person becomes at least somewhat similar to the Creator and is called Adam.

Therefore, the degree of man begins with Passover. But then we have to go through a period of seven months, according to the number of Sefirot, during which we move from the desire to receive to the desire to bestow. In the seventh month after Passover, Rosh HaShanah (new year) begins; a new beginning when we really begin to build a new spiritual degree.

However, before that, it is necessary to make an honest calculation: what am I, where do I come from, what should I build, what should I move away from, and what should I get closer to? This is why there is a period called Slichot (repentance) before the new year in which I make inquiries: where do I come from, from what quality, and what quality do I want to reach? I want to move from reception to bestowal, from the animalistic mind to faith above reason, that is, to the spiritual mind, to the opinion of the Creator.

Instead of seeing, feeling, and perceiving the world through animalistic eyes, I want to come to a new perception of reality and see everything through the eyes of bestowal, through the force of faith. Then instead of this world, I will see a future world. All this symbolizes Rosh HaShanah—the beginning of new changes.

This year is very special because immense changes are happening to all of humanity. For the first time, all of humanity is experiencing such a radical change; this is indeed Rosh HaShanah—the beginning of a new year, new changes for everyone.

You can see this as the fulfillment of the Creator’s promise. Those who try to understand this and help humanity do this correctly, quickly, with love for everyone and love for the Creator, are called Israel, which means straight to the Creator (Yashar-El).

This state can only be achieved by correcting the shattered soul of Adam HaRishon. The Creator deliberately broke it so that we can now assemble it like children assemble LEGO blocks, and from this, we can better understand the spiritual life that we must reach.

Therefore, we are glad that every day we are making huge steps forward in revealing the evil of our egoistic nature as well as in recognizing the good, that is, understanding that only a good connection can save humanity. This is the only cure for the coronavirus.

Therefore, we are happily welcoming this special holiday of Rosh HaShanah—the beginning of changes.
Why then is it customary to ask for forgiveness before this holiday? The Creator does not need our repentance. It was He who made all the conditions for which I ask forgiveness. If I react to them correctly, it means that I have correctly understood the work of the Creator on me and that I am working with Him as His partner. In this partnership, there are many degrees: a servant, a sinner, a friend, a loved one, and many others.

The Creator does not need our repentance and corrections. It is us who need them in order to rise from ignorance, misunderstanding, and insensitivity to knowledge, feelings, and solidarity with the upper system and its process, to understand the Creator’s program. We not only understand, but also begin to control this program. It is like children who first take the first timid steps in this world, learn to live in it, and eventually grow up and begin to control it.

In the same way, we gradually become involved in the spiritual reality until we reach understanding of the Creator and solidarity with Him, and even take the reins of control from Him, as it is written: “My sons defeated Me.” In fact, only we can control the evil inclination and turn it into a good one.

We can only ask for what depends on us, that is, ask the Creator to give us strength, reason, feelings, and ability to perform the right actions that He left for us. In this way, we are becoming included in the world created by the Creator and move toward its final correction.

We are at the stage of the final correction of the world. So far, the world has been corrected selectively, in small parts, as if one part after another has been replaced in a car: the engine, gearbox, transmission, and so on. But then we start putting all the corrections together and launch the entire system.

Up until this time, all the Kabbalists of the past were making personal, partial corrections to the system of the common soul of Adam HaRishon, correcting part by part. Now, however, it is time for the most important work: establishing communication between the parts and launching the entire system together.

This is a different job. A very special one. After all, we need to establish a connection between all the parts, since we understand what it should be. Therefore, this is possible only through our mutual connection, from light to heavy, from the internal to the external. But in the end, we have to launch the entire system.

We do not ask the Creator to reveal Himself, but we ourselves want to reveal Him by assembling our Kli. The Kli will work in the same way as the Creator, and from this work, we will understand the Creator. This is the revelation of the upper force that we desire.

It is as if I want to be like my father and mother not just through their stories, but through organizing my life in such a way that I understand and feel them. From life I will understand what really happened to them and how they took care of me and did everything for me. This is called “By Your actions we know You,” and it defines a new period, a new year. The world is moving toward such correction.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/14/20, “Slichot

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