Through The Prism Of Approaching The Spiritual

284Question: You said that when a person wins a large amount of money in the lottery, it’s a curse. What did you mean by that?

Answer: This distracts him from his normal path of life and it is not a gift from above, but a curse. ​​That is why the Creator said: “Behold, I give you a reward and a curse, and you choose a good path.”

Comment: But the man did not choose. He just filled out a lottery ticket and won.

My Response: Well, give it away.

Comment: That isn’t easy either. You need to understand whom to give to and how.

My Response: In fact, I would rather not take anything for myself at all, not an apartment, not a car, not what I have created in life or in the world. We need only the essentials for existence. More than that, it can turn into a rejection of the spiritual for a person.

Everything should be measured through the prism of whether it brings us closer to spiritual development or distances us. There is no other criterion.

If a person is in a spiritual search, then he himself determines whether this is a blessing or a curse for him. It is already easy.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 2/8/22

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