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“The Chinese Leopard Has Leaped Down From The Tree”(Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “The Chinese Leopard Has Leaped Down from the Tree

China often conducts itself like a leopard that is sitting in a tree, waiting for the right moment to leap down on its prey. In the tug-of-war between Russia and the US over Russia’s invasion into Ukraine, China did not take sides. Until recently, when it announced that it will not join the sanctions against Russia, and has promoted “the biggest-ever natural gas supply deal” with Russian gas exporter Gazprom.

At the same time, China directly threatened the US regarding America’s attempts to embolden Taiwan. On two occasions, China sent offensive, almost vulgar warnings to the US. On the first occasion, they said, “We must sternly warn the United States that whoever plays with fire will burn himself. If it plays the ‘salami-slicing’ tactics on the Taiwan question, it is their fingers [sic] that will be cut off.” On the second occasion, a Chinese official stated, “If the US wants to embolden the ‘Taiwan independence’ … the US will pay a heavy price for its adventurist act. If the US tries to intimidate and pressure China … the so-called military deterrence [American army] will be reduced to scrap iron.”

On the face of it, China seems to have indeed chosen sides. But I would not draw conclusions prematurely. Like a leopard, they are very clever. In my opinion, they have joined the side they actually want to weaken.

Despite its audacious proclamations, the Chinese government has no interest in fighting against America. China is too dependent on American purchasing power to risk going to war with it. They would go to great lengths to avoid a military conflict with the US.

With Russia, the situation is different. China has its eyes set on the vast, ore and oil rich, and nearly empty lands stretching from Siberia to the Ural Mountains—an area several times bigger than China itself. With Russia’s current strength, China cannot conquer it. However, if Russia were to become weak and exhausted, it would be much easier for China to take over the land without much resistance. The longer it continues, the weaker Russia will become, and the easier it will be for China to bite off chunks of Siberia for itself.

Wars bring about changes. Big wars bring about big changes. World War I led to the creation of the United Nations and the Treaty of Versailles, which helped seat Hitler at the helm of Germany. World War II created the communist bloc under the Warsaw Pact, and the Western bloc under the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), which set off the Cold War.

The current conflict is not a world war, at least not yet, but its impact is nevertheless profound. The war in Ukraine is exposing the futility of ego-wars, and in the end, every war is an ego-war. The crisis in Ukraine proves that if we want to coexist peacefully, we must learn how to rise above our egos on the personal, social, political, and international levels.

Now, after millennia of serving our egos, we are on the verge of realizing that the only thing that is bad in our world is our own ego. The ego has promised us the world, but it has destroyed it. We must counter it with an equal force of positivity, or it will end us all.

This realization will have a profound impact on society. Until now, all our institutions catered to our egos. They attempted to moderate and streamline the interests of countries in a way that enabled them to coexist. Now that egoism has reached such levels where it cannot accept the existence or independence of others, we have no choice but to add another force: a positive force to counter the power and intensity of the ego.

In the coming years, we will witness the establishment of new institutions of a new nature. Their focus will not be on catering to the ego, or even on securing food and water supply. Rather, they will focus on creating social cohesion and solidarity. They will work from the understanding that if people are united, they care for one another and see to each other’s needs.

Instead of treating symptoms of alienation, these new organizations will work to eliminate it and create connection, bonding, and a sense of mutual responsibility. We are just beginning the transition, but the fact that the old world is falling apart means that we must hurry, so the new order is not born through more pain than necessary. The sooner we realize that in today’s reality we cannot let the ego set the tone, and we must balance it with caring, the easier and smoother will be the transition.

The Japanese Princess’ Choice

294.2Question: There is a stir in Japan. Princess Mako of Japan has married a man of common origin whom she met at university. Marriage to him deprives the princess of the status of a member of the imperial family. According to Japanese tradition, women are deprived of this status, but men are not.

Princess Mako is the first member of the imperial family to renounce the traditional ceremony of the imperial wedding and almost one and a half million dollars dowry. The couple is about to move to New York where the husband works as a lawyer.

Opinions were divided. Some say that this cannot be done; it violates all traditions; it is terrible. Others say: “What if it’s love?”

Whose side are you on?

Answer: I am on the side of the princess. Give up your happy life for the sake of some ghostly Japanese etiquette? I think they tested each other. After all, he is a lawyer and she is a princess. These are extraordinary people who understand what they are doing. And there are also a lot of politicians, advisers, and all the others around them. So I think the choice was right.

Question: In principle, are you for love—for these feelings?

Answer: I believe in love.

Question: Don’t you think she will regret it after some time?

Answer: Today I don’t think so. Today there are no such edges or distances or anything like that. They will accept her, she will visit them, and they will visit her. After all, what does princess mean?
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 10/28/21

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Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 1/9/22, Part 2

963.1Question: How can we express mutual guarantee for each other right now?

Answer: With our thoughts, feelings, and longings of the heart.

Question: If I constantly miss the meeting of the ten due to many circumstances, but I think about them, is it called that I am in mutual guarantee with them?

Answer: I do not think so. I do not know all your problems, but this is not a simple matter. To miss meetings with friends is an extreme case.

Question: What should I do if I feel mutual guarantee with only one person in the ten and I do not see any possibility for it to be in the entire ten yet?

Answer: I think that you should still make sure that the connection in the ten is common and as heartfelt as possible. This is the responsibility of the entire ten. You should stop looking at each other the way you used to before, and start a new life, a new connection.

Question: Is there a way to find out if I am annulling myself correctly before the friends?

Answer: If you annul yourself correctly before your friends, then you will feel their influence on you. You will feel that they are inside you. We must aim for this.

Question: If I cannot ask for myself, then what should be the attitude to the request to pull myself up to advanced friends?

Answer: Through them. Only if you ask for them, you pull yourself up to them. And if you ask for yourself, you go down. These are the inverse laws of spiritual and corporeal states.
From the International Convention “Rising Above Ourselves” 1/9/22, “Working in Mutual Responsibility” Lesson 6

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How To Deserve Answer From The Creator

239Question: On one hand we need to raise the prayer of many, which should be not a sum, but an integral. On the other hand each of us must be in constant dialogue with the Creator. How do these two things correlate?

Answer: We must combine all our requests and efforts so that we can express them collectively to the Creator. Then we can hope that He will react. If we have what is called “one man with one heart,” if we gather in such a structure, then we will deserve His answer.

Only in great desire, yearning, and longing when we are directed to the Creator can we reach some kind of response and reaction from Him.

We must still form our desire in such a way that it is as internal, soulful, and spiritual as possible, and then we will receive an answer. The Creator requires us to be as pure as possible with Him. As pure as possible!
From the International Convention “Rising Above Ourselves” 1/9/22, “Asking the Creator to Fill the Place Between Us” Lesson 7

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How Can We Keep Love From Cooling Down?

962.6Question: Anna writes: “My husband and I have been married for three years, and feelings are only growing. But I can’t let go of the thought that this is all temporary, that all this can pass. I don’t want our feelings to cool down. How can I do this?”

Answer: If you share these feelings between yourselves, then the mere fear that they will pass will somehow continue them.

And the main thing is to study your nature mutually, you and him, and thus help each other in manifesting this egoistic nature and rising above it together. You have to understand that this egoism is against you, and when together you create more and more bonds between each other, you will thus rise above it. But it will not go anywhere and it will constantly grow and force you to grow in the same way.

Question: So is the trepidation a good thing? Should there be constant fear that the relationship will suddenly change?

Answer: Yes. Trembling, fear, and anxiety that we will fall from our good attitude toward each other is the guarantee that we will hold on to it.

Question: So your advice is not to destroy this anxiety?

Answer: No. This is called “Ira” in Hebrew; it is not just fear, but anxiety, a special anxiety, the anxiety of maintaining good relations.

Question: Does this mean that they are getting closer to true love between them?

Answer: Yes. They seem to be climbing a mountain. Egoism grows all the time and becomes more sophisticated and therefore sharper. But it is the joint work that raises them and brings them even closer together.

Question: And what is there at the top?

Answer: At the top, spiritual rapprochement will begin, which will create a higher connection between them, which is in fact supra-egoistic. And they will begin to connect with each other in such a way that they will understand each other internally without words, instead only with thoughts, and will intertwine with each other.

Question: Is this the highest state of connection?

Answer: Yes. Just as snakes in a pit intertwine with each other, so they will intertwine, not selfishly, but in a mutually kind attitude toward each other.

Comment: You compared it with snakes, and immediately it became somehow uncomfortable.

My Response: Why? This is very relevant and direct.

Question: Are these snakes in us?

Answer: It is thanks to our great, insidious egoism that if we start using it correctly to draw closer and to wrap ourselves around each other, that in this way we will rise closer and closer to the Creator.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 1/3/22

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Love Is A Beast

627.1Comment: A letter from Irina: “We were together since the first grade at school, and we never quarreled. He used to carry my school bag already in the third grade, and all the boys laughed at him. But we became even better friends, and everyone envied us. After school, we studied at the Institute of Technology together, in the same department. In the third year we got married. Our parents were friends. We gave birth to two children. I do not understand where the irritation, rejection, and hatred have come from, we knew each other thoroughly!

Today we are already divorced. Until now court trials and disputes have been going on. It was a terrible break-up! I cannot hear his voice, I cannot see him! I have constant inner pain! I do not understand how this could have happened to me! I do not know what I did wrong!”

My Response: You did not work on yourself. You thought nothing would change. But a person is constantly changing, not to mention two people, and even more so those who have known each other and have been together all the time. They change a lot throughout their lifetime. And since they were used to each other, for them the slightest changes lead to very sharp internal reactions.

It turns out that I can suddenly see another person as mean, disgusting, opposite to me, constantly perceiving me and my attitude ambiguously, and so on. It is precisely because they know each other too well. Therefore, now even the slightest change causes huge disturbances between us.

Comment: According to human logic, the better we know each other, the closer we are and the greater is the love between us. And you claim that it is the other way around.

My Response: The bigger the commotion can be. Therefore, we need to constantly arouse all sorts of allegedly negative properties and relationships between us so that we can train with them and turn them into positive ones.

Question: So you say that marriage is a constant exercise?

Answer: A permanent one! As my teacher said: “Love is a beast that lives between you, an evil beast. And if you constantly feed it, then everything is fine.”

Question: What does this beast grow into if it is constantly fed?

Answer: It will be big next to you. And you will be dealing with it together until old age.

Question: And this beast is called love?

Answer: Yes. And in fact, it is very, very scary.

Question: So they must see in advance that their relationship will change sharply and oppositely?

Answer: Yes, they should foresee it. And they should even play it.

Question: What do we feed this beast with?

Answer: With concessions. That is, we can deliberately annoy it and learn to concede.

Question: Please, reveal the secret of a long married life together. What does this mean for you?

Answer: For me, it means to let the husband live his life.

Question: And what about the wife?

Answer: The same about the wife. And if they have something in common, it is, of course, children.

But neither with my studies nor with my profession do I in any way invade her respective area and she does not invade mine. In this way we give each other the possibility of life—inner life, basically, after all.

And the most important thing is taking care of children. It is our common area. In principle, after all, people couple and get married in order to give birth and raise children and grandchildren.

Question: What is love?

Answer: Love is the desire to let another person exist next to you in a way that is comfortable for him. This, I think, is the secret of love and a long, normal life together, although it is very, very difficult because we live for a very long time, twice as long as we used to. And that is why it is not easy.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 12/9/21

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A Covenant Of Salt

243.01Question: What does a covenant of salt mean?

Answer: Salt is a substance that does not spoil. On the contrary, it preserves everything that is put into it.

Therefore, the covenant that we make between us and with the Creator means an eternal covenant. Salt in our world represents exactly this quality of the covenant.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 12/28/21

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