Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 1/8/22, Part 4

963.6Question: How does one connect faith in the sages with actions in the ten?

Answer: We should read and listen to what the sages tell us, and implement it in our relationships in the ten. This is called going by the faith of the sages.

Question: Does rising in faith above reason depend on how I am treated outside of our environment?

Answer: In no way! It depends only on how you imagine that the Creator fills the whole world.

Question: Is there a difference between feeling and sensation?

Answer: Feelings are our primordial data. And sensations are what we perceive in feelings.

Question: What should we do to get out of a descent, which is inevitable after a big ascent, as soon as possible?

Answer: If we are already beginning to feel that this state is a descent and we need the next ascent, then we act this way. And therefore, we go from ascent to ascent by taking the previous ascent for a descent. Try to realize this in yourself, and you will see that it is possible.

Question: Should we always play in front of our friends in the ten that we are in joy so that they are ignited by this joy and try to strive toward the Creator?

Answer: Yes, we must demonstrate to our friends that we are in an ascent, in inspiration, in joy. We are obliged to do this constantly, each relative to everyone.

Question: Can faith above reason become a habit through spiritual actions? Is it still a psychological or spiritual barrier?

Answer: This is purely a spiritual barrier. This is the Machsom that we have to go through. And there will be a lot of such Machsoms following it. So we need to learn to clearly ascend to the quality of faith above reason.

Question: When we reveal connection, joy also reveals itself, but at the same time, neglect and pride manifest themselves. What to do in this state?

Answer: Correct it! By starting with the fact that we can sit and cry from powerlessness, and ending with the fact that we shout to the Creator to do it for us.

Question: How can we address the Creator if He has not yet revealed Himself in the group? Is it enough to imagine that He is between us?

Answer: Of course, that’s enough. But at the same time it is necessary to turn to Him and try to make sensory contact, in the mind. And that this contact will constantly growing.

Question: Can the friends see that I am connected with them? And how can they do that?

Answer: They should hope that they will learn from what you show them. And you have to show how important they are to you and do actions to unite.
From the International Convention “Rising Above Ourselves” 1/8/22, “Going with Faith above Reason” Lesson 5

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