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How Can I Redirect My Heart To The Purpose Of Creation?

632.2Question: I often find myself in a state where I have evil thoughts and desires. How can I redirect my heart again and again to the purpose of creation? It is getting harder and harder, it is a struggle for me.

Answer: Naturally, it is a struggle. There are two reasons for this: either it is an ascent to a higher degree or more likely the connection between friends is getting weaker. This is also a result of ascending to the next degree.

Strengthen the connection in the group and you will see how everything becomes easy, free, and joyful.
From the International Convention “Rising Above Ourselves” 1/6/22, “Approaching the Creator Through the Network of Connections Between Us” Lesson 1

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When Will Fear Disappear?

294.1Comment: We live in fear all the time, in fear about what others say, that we will be fired, that we will be put in jail, that the bank will close, that we will get sick, that we will be deceived, that we will be underpaid, that we will overpay, that I will offend someone, that I will be offended, and there are fears for the future and fear in the present. This is our life. Why is it arranged this way?

My Response: To stir you up a little. You are all egoists. Just give you some slack and that’s it, you’re already lying and sunbathing, or on the couch, or on the river, or on the sea.

Question: So fear is the most effective thing to stir up a person?

Answer: There is no other way.

Question: What is afraid in me?

Answer: That I will not receive enough of something. From the smallest to some of the largest fillings.

Question: How can one overcome this fear?

Answer: Relax. Let the river of life flow freely through you.

The upper force governs everything. So the more you give yourself to it and get closer to it, the more you want to feel its governance, its flow, its plan, and its goal, you will completely get rid of your vain problems.

The closer you are to it, the more you relax because you give yourself to its flow. But it is necessary to make efforts to somehow connect with this flow.

Meaning that there is such a scenario and such a program to explain why we are moved by fear. And you have to gradually make it so that all these fears somehow decrease and disappear. Transfer all these fears to their source: the Creator. It is all from Him. He does this on purpose so that you turn to Him so that all fears would turn into the opposite, into pleasure and agreement.

Question: What should my appeal to Him be?

Answer: “Make it so that I perceive everything as coming from You and therefore as kind, good, and eternal.” That is all.

Question: And that’s it? And there are no fears?

Answer: There is nothing.

Question: Is there fear in spirituality?

Answer: The fear in spirituality is different. It comes from the fact that you are not doing what you can. In fact, you can rise above all obstacles, take them all to their source, the Creator, and thus get rid of all thoughts and desires that hinder you, and dissolve in Him.

Question: Is this fear in spirituality?

Answer: Yes. That is, do not rush and do not jerk. Simply dissolve as much as possible in the upper force through the method of equivalence. Here is where the work begins, hard work on yourself. But in general, there are no fears.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 10/28/21

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Foresight Is A Feature Of Souls

197.01Question: Why are some people given the opportunity to see the future? Is this some kind of programming error in nature?

Answer: No. Kabbalists have the possibility of foresight, according to the source of their soul. But I don’t think one should envy this property. There is nothing good in this. A person is simply given the duty to properly control himself and lead other people.

Comment: But not only Kabbalists are predictors of the future, for example, Wolf Messing and Nostradamus did.

My Response: Their abilities should be considered not from the point of view of Kabbalah, but from the point of view of the psychological perception of the world.

This is also a peculiarity of souls when they are given the opportunity to rise above physical reality and begin to feel the forces that draw this reality for us and can draw another one.

We exist in space, and everything that appears before us is the forces of nature. There is nothing material in the fact that we are here and now, that we feel that something exists around us, that we interact with each other, and so on. These are all the forces of nature that create this picture for us.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 12/21/21

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Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 1/8/22, Part 2

630.2Question: Should we try to increase the importance of the environment and annul ourselves in front of friends outside the group as well? What should be the list of priorities in working with self-annulment?

Answer: There can be no self-annulment outside the group. Only before the friends in the group and only for the sake of connection.

Question: If I ask the Creator to give strength to the friends in the ten to feel Him and His greatness, will this also mean annulling before the friends?

Answer: Of course. After all, you are not asking for yourself but for your friends.

Question: Should self-annulment be a permanent state? Or is it there for a
moment and then disappears?

Answer: It must appear and disappear and so constantly on higher and higher

Question: How can we raise the greatness of the Creator among us if we do
not feel Him and do not sense Him?

Answer: We depict Him from within ourselves. “We do not feel, we do not sense…” Start to feel and sense your attitude toward another as toward the Creator. And the Creator will appear in you, and you will begin to feel Him.

Question: What qualities do we need to build in a women’s ten in order to approach
the Creator?

Answer: A very simple quality—bestowal and love.

Question: How to properly take the initiative to unite in a group?

Answer: Show your friends that you love them, respect them, and always want to see them successful, prosperous, and great.

Question: Are the importance of the Creator and the greatness of the Creator consecutive states or the same thing?

Answer: The greatness of the Creator relates more to sensation in the mind, and the importance of the Creator is perceived more in the feelings.
From the International Convention “Rising Above Ourselves” 1/8/22, “Deriving the Greatness of the Goal from the Friends” Lesson 4

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