Fear—Agent Of Development

562.01Question: Anything that we feel as a lack causes fear in us. It can be a lack of money, security,  knowledge, health, or confidence in the future. We are always overwhelmed by a feeling of inner panic because we are missing something.

Is it possible to say that a person develops due to fears?

Answer: Yes. It is a very powerful developmental agent. The basis of fears is the need to preserve one’s existence. But they can be controlled.

Question: Is it possible to get rid of fear at all?

Answer: No. Only if we turn off the mind. Fear is an instinct for self-preservation.

Question: A person cannot satisfy his own needs. But society can. Can you get rid of fear only through communication with society?

Answer: Yes. Society can give a person such a quality of confidence and support that fear will disappear to a certain extent. It is very difficult for a person to do this except only with the use of a special technique, and only in a limited form.

Question: Is there also such a thing as fear for others?

Answer: Fear for others is a feeling of belonging with others.

Question: When a person is afraid for his family, it is understandable. Is it possible to develop a sense of fear for complete strangers?

Answer: Yes, of course.

Question: It turns out that a person does not need to get rid of fear. Is it enough to direct the vector toward others?

Answer: We should not get rid of anything but only treat correctly all the properties of our body.

We need to come to the highest, general sensation of the space in which we are so that all our properties cause in us the ability to measure everything, feel everything, cognize everything, and ultimately achieve one common integral sensation of nature.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 8/7/20

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