Does Fear Help Self-Understanding?

laitman_268.02Question: Does fear help self-understanding?

Answer: Fear is a very much needed form of inner existence because egoism, which is the desire to enjoy, feels only emptiness or fulfillment, that is, fear or liberation.

Thus, fear is the most natural form of egoistic existence. In our world, there are over 800 kinds of fear. Through these kinds of fear, we study ourselves.

Question: Is there a method to rise above fear in Kabbalah?

Answer: Of course! What’s most important is to build the greatness of the Creator within, which will help you rise above fear. Fear will constantly pressure and help you in the left line, and you will rise above it in the right line. It advances you.

In other words, the ascent above egoism is an ascent above fear. In every moment in life, a person feels afraid even without realizing it. That is, feeling yourself is the realization of fear: “What is going on with me? What internal and external problems do I now have to hide, isolate, and save myself from?” Everything is balanced only on the awareness of fear.

Question: How can one balance this uncomfortable state?

Answer: It can be done only by rising above yourself: restriction (Tzimtzum)—screen (Masach)—reflected Light (Ohr Hozer).

Question: Today, humanity makes a lot of money on antidepressants that help us get rid of fears. Does it mean that fear constantly grows over time?

Answer: Humanity is now going through a very interesting period of mutual inclusion into each other with the help of virtual networks and so on. This will continue growing.

A person will have many problems, fears, and anxieties, because by becoming included into each other through this mechanism, each one brings his fear to others. By doing so, we correct many things in each other.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/11/18

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