Foresight Is A Feature Of Souls

197.01Question: Why are some people given the opportunity to see the future? Is this some kind of programming error in nature?

Answer: No. Kabbalists have the possibility of foresight, according to the source of their soul. But I don’t think one should envy this property. There is nothing good in this. A person is simply given the duty to properly control himself and lead other people.

Comment: But not only Kabbalists are predictors of the future, for example, Wolf Messing and Nostradamus did.

My Response: Their abilities should be considered not from the point of view of Kabbalah, but from the point of view of the psychological perception of the world.

This is also a peculiarity of souls when they are given the opportunity to rise above physical reality and begin to feel the forces that draw this reality for us and can draw another one.

We exist in space, and everything that appears before us is the forces of nature. There is nothing material in the fact that we are here and now, that we feel that something exists around us, that we interact with each other, and so on. These are all the forces of nature that create this picture for us.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 12/21/21

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