When Will Fear Disappear?

294.1Comment: We live in fear all the time, in fear about what others say, that we will be fired, that we will be put in jail, that the bank will close, that we will get sick, that we will be deceived, that we will be underpaid, that we will overpay, that I will offend someone, that I will be offended, and there are fears for the future and fear in the present. This is our life. Why is it arranged this way?

My Response: To stir you up a little. You are all egoists. Just give you some slack and that’s it, you’re already lying and sunbathing, or on the couch, or on the river, or on the sea.

Question: So fear is the most effective thing to stir up a person?

Answer: There is no other way.

Question: What is afraid in me?

Answer: That I will not receive enough of something. From the smallest to some of the largest fillings.

Question: How can one overcome this fear?

Answer: Relax. Let the river of life flow freely through you.

The upper force governs everything. So the more you give yourself to it and get closer to it, the more you want to feel its governance, its flow, its plan, and its goal, you will completely get rid of your vain problems.

The closer you are to it, the more you relax because you give yourself to its flow. But it is necessary to make efforts to somehow connect with this flow.

Meaning that there is such a scenario and such a program to explain why we are moved by fear. And you have to gradually make it so that all these fears somehow decrease and disappear. Transfer all these fears to their source: the Creator. It is all from Him. He does this on purpose so that you turn to Him so that all fears would turn into the opposite, into pleasure and agreement.

Question: What should my appeal to Him be?

Answer: “Make it so that I perceive everything as coming from You and therefore as kind, good, and eternal.” That is all.

Question: And that’s it? And there are no fears?

Answer: There is nothing.

Question: Is there fear in spirituality?

Answer: The fear in spirituality is different. It comes from the fact that you are not doing what you can. In fact, you can rise above all obstacles, take them all to their source, the Creator, and thus get rid of all thoughts and desires that hinder you, and dissolve in Him.

Question: Is this fear in spirituality?

Answer: Yes. That is, do not rush and do not jerk. Simply dissolve as much as possible in the upper force through the method of equivalence. Here is where the work begins, hard work on yourself. But in general, there are no fears.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 10/28/21

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