Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 1/7/22, Part 4

962.3Question: What advances my friends in the ten in the best way: my internal work on annulment or my concrete actions in the ten as a result of it?

Answer: Annulment in the ten is a concrete action.

Question: How does one leave all imaginary pursuits and work together? How can we combine this?

Answer: Consult with the rest of the friends and you will see how you can solve this. There is no need to turn to me anymore for solving problems. I gave you the keys to their solution.

Question: The connection between us in the ten as “one man with one heart” is the quality of the Creator (“one”). Does the stage of adhesion allow us to reach the connection with the Creator according to the common quality of one?

Answer: Yes, exactly like that.

Question: When I feel the greatness of the Creator, then I turn to the Creator with the needs of my friends. Is it the adhesion to the group or is it adhesion to the Creator? Do I do some additional action toward the group in order to adhere to it?

Answer: No. If you adhere to the group, feel what it wants, and turn with this desire to the Creator, then this is already a complete action.

Question: How does one work with anger correctly?

Answer: I think that the problem with anger is a problem with the center most part of egoism that we cannot contain and that controls us. Therefore, try to work on it anyway. Anger is a manifestation of extreme egoism.

Question: If I discover that my friends neglect the external framework recommended for us to observe, for example, they go for a walk during the lesson, how should we work with this?

Answer: There is no need to work with this. What can you do? It is a pity that they do not participate together with the group in the common work. Of course this is not good. Of course this weakens the group and pushes them away from the group. They are drifting away with the current and who knows when they will come to us again. But they do not feel it yet.

Question: If all the work of revealing the Creator takes place only in the ten, in the group, then why did the Creator create the entire external world? How should we treat it?

Answer: We must connect this external world to us. And we will do it. First, we will pull ourselves up, and then we will pull it up to us.
From the International Convention “Rising Above Ourselves” 1/7/22, “Adhering to the Friends” Lesson 3

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