The Only Prayer

935There can only be one prayer when we turn to the Creator, the one source that controls everything and does everything. And so the only prayer that He answers is the request for the opportunity to bestow, for thoughts about giving.

We must help each other through envy and ambition to achieve such a desire to receive the power of bestowal from above. The Creator expects this request from us, and this is the only thing that He is ready to give us, nothing more. He will continue to twirl the creatures and the whole world until we realize that the only thing we need is the altruistic desire, the force of bestowal.

All this we can get from the Creator: the desire, the force, and the instructions on how to use them. And then we will build spiritual Partzufim out of ourselves that the The Study of the Ten Sefirot writes about, and we will feel higher and higher spiritual degrees, worlds, eventually reaching the degree of the Creator.

But from the very first stage, we start to feel the eternity and grandeur of creation, which is above all the limitations of this world and includes everything. All this is attained only in our desires of bestowal received from the Creator. We just need to ask Him to give them to us.

The prayer should contain a clear understanding that man must attain the force of bestowal, but at the same time, that there is not a drop of this force in him and that only the Creator can give it. This is the only desire of man—to receive the force of bestowal and nothing more.

Previously, to prepare for the congress, it was necessary to make huge physical efforts: many hours of flights, visas, etc. But the upcoming congress will be virtual and nothing but internal effort is required. We want to be together with all our heart and soul, above space and time, in one heart, that is, in one desire.

We want to combine all our desires for connection and mutual integration in such a desire that will somehow match the Creator’s desire to connect with us and clothe in us. And then “The one will adhere to one,” and we will reveal the Creator.

All this depends on the strength of our connection into one desire. If this force is sufficient for the smallest revelation of the Creator, then we will feel Him within our unity.

We all try to realize our connection by uniting in one desire. That is, I want to reveal the desires of my friends and drown in them. If we turn to the Creator with this, He clothes into us because He expects only that. This should be the outcome of the congress. If we manage to do this in some way, we would already be taking a step forward into spirituality: everyone will disconnect from their corporeal desires, we will all connect with each other, and the Creator will complete our efforts and clothe in them.

Everyone who wants to achieve the force of bestowal, the revelation of the Creator, must attach his desire to the aspirations of his friends and unite them together. And then the Creator will hear this request and answer it.

It is necessary to understand that it is impossible to achieve a genuine desire at once. After all, it must act in the direction of bestowal and we do not have the strength to do it. We can only get a little closer to it, then a little more, and a little more due to the fact that we are integrated in each other. And that is why we have to do so many actions.

If we are not integrated in each other, we would not be able to advance in our work. The whole work is about interconnection: first we are intertwined a little, and then more and more. And when this mutual integration reaches the necessary measure, we achieve the result.

Otherwise, the Creator does not hear our prayer. He somewhat reacts to any appeal, but only responds to the perfect prayer.

Therefore, do not despair and give up. We need to take an example from a child who does not let go of his parents and does not stop whining and demanding what he wants. So we gradually form and shape our desire for spirituality and combine our desires into one.

The desire of each one is wedged in between the desires of others, then together they are included in other desires, etc. Therefore, a lot of actions are required to achieve a complete integral connection. It is a miracle when opposite, different desires are combined and build a perfect system of the entire reality. They all contradict each other, but they connect above this contradiction and create the whole world of Infinity.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/21/21, “Prayer”

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