947Attack! And do not think you only have to attack once. The attack is necessary for each ascent from degree to degree because it occurs in a leap, in an attack. And this is not an attack on an external enemy but on the wall between us: attack on connection.

Every time we build a new Partzuf, we will have to overcome a new egoistic desire that is revealed in us from above. You must accept it, agree with it, bind it just as Abraham bound Isaac.

When moving from state to state, there is always room to attack for unity, rapprochement, mutual assistance, and mutual guarantee. When we come to this, we are honored with rising to the next degree.

This is an attack so that we connect with others, and therefore, there is only one enemy against us—our egoism. The more we attack, the stronger and more persistent it becomes. But at the same time, we learn the art of working with it and fighting against all the forces that prevent us from uniting in the ten as one heart.

I want to be awakened, inspired by my friends. If I awaken by myself, it is not the right force, it is not spirituality. Spirituality is only when we are all together. Even if the Creator suddenly reveals himself to a person individually, this will not lead to attainment and proper and permanent connection with the Creator.

Each step is like the final battle in which I put everything I have, all my mind and heart, but the main thing is to connect with your friends and go together. We press down on our egoism in order to build a spiritual degree above it, a depiction of our connection with the Creator.

At the next degree, there will be other obstacles, another attack, another victory and revelation of the Creator, just as an infant’s game differs from the game of a teenager or the battles of an adult.

We are at war with the inner rejection, the unwillingness to connect our hearts and rise above our egoism, to decide that connection is more important than separation, and that the power of unity, the Creator, is more important than our entire egoistic reality.

It is necessary to attack the forces of separation that do not allow us to see one reality, because we ourselves are not connected as one person with one heart. Therefore, an attack is necessary.

You can only connect by an attack because when we get closer, the force of rejection begins to act. It is similar to intra-atomic forces, which at short distances switch from connection to rejection. The same way we begin to feel a huge resistance before the final connection, and that is why the attack is necessary here.

We can approach each other, embrace, be together, but we cannot really connect. This requires the upper force to help us overcome the potential barrier and achieve connection. There is a split between us, and to rise above it, you need a lot of potential energy that will thrust us up.

We are not able to do it ourselves; we do not have such a desire. But we help each other reach out to the Creator who will help us make this potential leap over the gap that separates us.

This gap manifests itself more and more as we approach each other, and it is possible to overcome it only with the help of the force received from above. This is the light of correction, which is not in us and was not in Adam HaRishon. It comes only in response to the prayer raised from the shattering.

With each lesson, with each meeting, we gradually collect the desires, one by one, until we have accumulated enough to realize that we are not able to break through the Machsom ourselves. After all, it is impossible to jump over the potential barrier in front of us, it only happens if the Creator lifts us up.

It turns out that this is an attack on the Creator. And the readiness for it is determined by the extent to which we can unite in one heart and ask only for connection. In the state of unity, we pass through the potential barrier, the Machsom, and discover the force of bestowal, the Creator.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/23/20, “Attack”

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