528.04Ascents and descents are necessary on our path; we must treat them equally and constructively and understand that we build ourselves through them. We think that the ascents are good because they feel more pleasant for our egoism. But in fact, a true worker feels better about the descents because they allow him to expand his work. A true master is happy that he has difficulties, experiences, burning, and search.

The ten is like King David’s harp, which the Creator plays on its strings. We want to make this instrument from ourselves, to join the Creator through our connection, to help Him in everything He does with us, and to try at every step to reveal His every address in order to allow Him to play on us. This is how we come to adhesion with the Creator.

If the friends want to connect in such a way that everyone complements the other, they reveal how much they all can adhere to the Creator through each person in the ten. No one can contact the Creator alone. Each time someone establishes a connection with the Creator and joins all the others to it.

There is always a structure of ten Sefirot where each one plays a special role, representing one Sefira, and we all attack together. It is like a military unit that goes on the offensive, and the one in front is the first to shoot, and then he retreats behind the backs of his friends. Then the second comes out in his place, while the first reloads the gun. Then the third, and the fourth one, and so on.
From the conversation on preparation for the Convention, 1/22/21

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