“The Russia-Ukraine War: Fertile Ground For Antisemites” (Times Of Israel)

Michael Laitman, On The Times of Israel: “The Russia-Ukraine War: Fertile Ground for Antisemites

Whenever there is a conflict or problem in the world, it rapidly becomes “open season” on Israel. Since the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine war, social media platforms have massively echoed anti-Israeli voices comparing the war in Eastern Europe to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Such a parallel was recently drawn by UK Labour MP Julie Elliott during a parliamentary debate on the recognition of Palestine. Meanwhile, British Conservative MP Stephen Crabb called that comparison, “historically wrong, factually wrong, and morally wrong.” But antisemites do not need rational logic to justify their accusations.. They take advantage of any opportunity to accuse Israel of wrongdoing.

Former Egyptian football player Mohamed Aboutrika slammed the Federation of International Football (FIFA) after it banned Russia from all soccer competitions, but avoided applying the same punishment to Israel, which he accuses of human rights violations.

Slander against Israel and the Jewish people is nothing new. Any piece of information can be manipulated or distorted to fit someone’s narrative. Israel is portrayed as attacking Gaza for no reason when in fact, we are only defending ourselves. People can say whatever they want, but in truth, we are not Nazis as some claim, we are not against anyone and have never assaulted others just because we felt like it.

But there are no limits for what others can say or write to incriminate Jews for anything bad in the world. Any piece of information can be manipulated or distorted to someone’s agenda or interest against Jews.

The background and history of the conflicts and wars in the Eastern European countries are in no way comparable to the history of the Jews and the State of Israel. The realities are completely different, but Israel’s haters will ignore every reasonable explanation. They will not admit it, but deep inside they think “don’t bother me with the facts.”

Antisemitism is a natural instinct in every human being. It has existed for thousands of years—from the time when Jews received the Torah at the foot of Mount Sinai (from the Hebrew word “Sina,” meaning hatred) to rise above the hatred revealed between them and from the nations of the world against the people of Israel.

The hatred against Jews will never disappear until we as a people realize and implement the mission we were given, fulfill the true reason why the people of Israel exist, carry out what humanity expects from us: to transition from unfounded hatred to unfounded love and by doing so become a “light unto the nations.”

“To Reduce Air Pollution, Work From Home” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “To Reduce Air Pollution, Work from Home

A recent article by Steve Cohen from the Earth Institute at Columbia University elaborates on the benefits of preferring electric cars to cars powered by internal combustion engines. Cohen acknowledges that “Decarbonization will take decades, and … some of the opposition will be justified because these installations will have a negative impact on a community.” Nevertheless, he insists, “The argument that electric vehicles pollute too much is not persuasive. They pollute less than vehicles powered by the internal combustion engine,” and “that is the only comparison that matters.”

In my opinion, we are looking at the whole situation backwards. Even Cohen, an avid supporter of electric vehicles, admits that “We will see progress as we make the problem less bad, but we will not solve the problem.” So, instead of searching for ways to minimize the damage while maintaining our harmful lifestyle, I think we should change our way of life so that we don’t create the problem in the first place.

The current Western lifestyle encourages working many hours with often long drives to and from work. In recent years, things have begun to change, but I think we shouldn’t wait, we must shift to working from home as soon as possible and make this form of work as pervasive as we can.

In Asia, where long workdays and a long workweek were regarded as the norm until recently, there are already winds of change. “Panasonic Corp has joined a small, but growing, number of Japanese companies to offer staff a four-day workweek to encourage better work-life balance,” writes the media company HRM Asia. Panasonic is not alone; it is “part of a global trend,” the article continues, adding that in Japan, “a group of lawmakers is discussing a proposal to grant employees a day off in addition to the two break days a week, to ensure their well-being.”

Forbes magazine, too, writes that “the four-day workweek is gaining big momentum,” and other media outlets have been writing more and more about it.

In my opinion, we should go beyond the four-day workweek. I think that even the work we do should be done primarily from home. It will create less congestion on the roads, give people more free time, and flexible hours even on the days when they do work, and it will drastically reduce the environmental impact of the auto industry, whether it is powered by electric or internal combustion engines.

The automotive industry is only one example. In almost every area of human engagement, we are busying ourselves more than we should, and everyone is paying the price: we, our families, the society, and the planet. Excessive production and excessive work help no one and do not make us happier.

Think about how we would feel if we had two more hours of free time each day—roughly the time we spend commuting to work and back. Now imagine if we worked only four days a week, and from home.

In short, I think we should slow down, dedicate more time for the things we love to do and for the people we care about. It will make us happy; it will make society more peaceful; it will help the environment; and it will help the world. In these troubled times, we could all use some peace of mind.

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A Point Like The Tip Of A Needle

232.07Why does the point in the heart awaken in some people and not in others? There is no simple answer to this because it is necessary to see the whole soul, namely, a heart with all the points in the heart.

Only then will we be able to understand everyone’s path and why one comes to it and the other does not, why such changes occur in the life of a person, groups of people, and the whole of humanity.

All this belongs to the upper governance. The Creator brings all the broken parts of the common desire, the common heart, closer, corrects them gradually, and leads to connection and correction.

The point in the heart is constantly connected to the Creator. And the task of a person is to open this point and develop this connection to such an extent that it turns into a conduit that connects a person with the Creator.

And then he will discover that he has not one pipeline but three, and through these channels he can maintain connection with the Creator, have a dialogue with Him, understand Him, and feel Him so much that he becomes an inseparable part of the Creator.

That is why the point in the heart is so important. A person can gradually correct all other desires that are initially corrupted and through them expand their connection with the Creator from one point in the heart to the whole heart. In this way, he approaches the Creator more and more until he becomes completely similar to Him, and then he is called man, Adam, meaning similar (Domeh) to the Creator. This is the goal of our development and everyone must achieve it.

The Creator created man similar to Himself and then deliberately broke him so that we could understand ourselves from the contrast of opposites. From these two opposite qualities, the oppositeness to the Creator and the similarity to Him that is obtained as a result of correction, we can understand the whole essence of the higher force, which is called the Creator, that is: “Come and see.”

After all, we approach Him from afar from the opposite form and gradually become like Him, just as kind and benevolent to others as He is.

My heart is the center of all my desires, thoughts, and aspirations. And if I correct it to love my neighbor, then thanks to this I begin to feel similar to the higher one.

The point in the heart has no width, depth, or height, no dimension. This is just one point of connection with the Creator. But if we want to stay only at this point for the sake of connection with the Creator, then little by little we begin to reveal the whole essence of the Creator through this approach.

We discover that we are actually in the ocean of the Creator’s love, feelings, and actions toward us. He created and does everything only for us. And all this comes to us through this point that has no dimensions, one point of connection like the tip of a needle.

If we want such a connection with the Creator and nothing else, then through this tip of a needle huge streams of upper light, wisdom, sensations, understanding, unity will open up to us, and turn us into an inexhaustible source too.
From KabTV’s “Basic concepts in the science of Kabbalah” 2/6/22

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“Will The United States Ever Go To War With China?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: Will the United States ever go to war with China?

While the media reports on the Asia-Pacific region as turning into a powder keg, we should remember that the media is primarily interested in its ratings, and neither America nor China are interested in serious warfare with each other. There is no point in trying to conquer other countries and regions in a world where an all-encompassing global crisis sweeps over us.

The real tension today is between us and nature. Nature is starting to work on us and our goal, which is of utmost importance, is to establish a dialog with it.

Nature will not leave us alone until we change ourselves, and it will change to the extent that we do. There are inanimate, vegetative, animate and human natures. Human nature is at the peak of all the levels of nature, and as such, the other levels depend on it.

If we can become more balanced among each other on our human level, then we can also bring calm to nature’s other levels. Kabbalistic books very clearly state in several places that only the good force exists in nature, and a human being can change everything. Humans cause imbalance in nature, and humans are also capable of bringing about balance.

Based on the video “War Between America and China? A Kabbalist’s Response” with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman and Semion Vinokur. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

The Request Must Be Collective

935The prayer must be a complete prayer, from the bottom of the heart. This means that one knows one hundred percent that there is no one in the world who can help him but the Creator Himself. (Baal HaSulam, Shamati 5, “Lishma Is an Awakening from Above, and Why Do We Need an Awakening from Below?”)

Prayer is considered real if it reaches the Creator. And it can reach Him only if the prayer comes from the depths of a person’s heart, from his most important inner desire, when he is one hundred percent sure that he can achieve what he wants only if the Creator helps him by practically doing all of it for him.

But there is one small “but” here and it is very important! The Creator responds only to a collective request.

You can shout to Him as much as you want, He will not be able to answer you. Because you have to go to Him through a common Kli (vessel)! Just as you were born and fell from the height of your spiritual level to the material one, egoistically breaking away from everyone, so now you must anti-egoistically rise again to the same place, to Him.

Therefore, the request must be collective. In no case will it help you to sit, cry, sob, and beg. It won’t do anything! Only if there are at least two people who, despite their egoism, somehow connect with each other to raise their request to the Creator, in this form it will help.
From the International Convention “Rising Above Ourselves” 1/9/22, “Asking the Creator to Fill the Place Between Us” Lesson 7

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Delight The Creator Like A Baby Delights His Mother

572.02Question: Although I do not feel I am able to sincerely ask for the friends because I only think of myself, I try to do what you teach us mechanically. Do we bring contentment to the Creator in this way?

Answer: Yes. It does not matter what level we are at, even if we try to bring contentment to the Creator at the smallest level, it is precisely because we are small that we please Him. like a baby who smiles at his mother and she is already overwhelmed with what she has received from him.

Therefore, our level does not mean anything. On the contrary: when we are small and beginners, we can bring great pleasure to the Creator by our small annulments. And when we become big, then it is much more difficult.
From the International Convention “Rising Above Ourselves” 1/9/22, “Working in Mutual Responsibility” Lesson 6

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Spiritual Environment For The Whole World

254.02Question: We see that interest in the science of Kabbalah is awakening and expanding all over the world. How do you see the year 2022 and its impact on dissemination? What can serve as a spiritual environment for millions of people who are beginning to awaken?

Answer: I know that you want to create a special Internet channel “Kabbalah TV.” I would like it to air in all languages and become a serious environment for all the nations of the world.

I very much welcome this and hope that all our friends will take part in creating this channel since the next stage of our advancement includes working with broader masses.

Do you see what is happening in the world? The world needs an explanation of where we are going. And we have to provide this explanation. In fact, dissemination goes along with the creation of such channels of communication with all of mankind.

Each of us can take part in this. Not just to make a donation, but to make a feasible contribution to developing the channel technically, creating content, etc.

There are many people among you, living on different continents, and speaking all languages who can do this. Then we can actually reach every person in the world and explain what the world needs today, otherwise they will plunge into ever greater darkness.

It all depends on us. We will support the creation of a global Internet channel in all languages that can become the right environment, a group for all nations of the world. I am very glad that you have taken up this task. Thank you very much.
From the International Convention “Rising Above Ourselves” 1/8/22, “Deriving the Greatness of the Goal from the Friends” Lesson 4

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Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 1/9/22, Part 1

231.01Question: Can we change the form of mutual guarantee in order to get a better feel of the ten?

Answer: As you advance, you will be feeling the ten more and more. Keep advancing and then you will solve everything.

Question: Are there such categories as quality and quantity in the concept of mutual guarantee? How does a qualitative guarantee differ from a quantitative one?

Answer: You should see this in yourself.

Question: What does the complete guarantee look like?

Answer: It is a complete correction when everything I have I transfer only to bestowing for people, for society.

Question: How can I bind myself with the bonds of unquestioning guarantee in spite of all the disturbances?

Answer: You just make efforts. I cannot say anything here. We just have to work in this direction.

Question: What is the correct way to pray for friends? Can it harm a friend when we ask for a solution to the problems of the corporeal world?

Answer: No. Corporeal problems of my friends are my spiritual problems.

Question: If one of the friends in the ten is not in mutual guarantee and most of the friends see it the same way, is this a consequence of our egoistic perception or is it really so?

Answer: It does not matter. We just need to continue to act patiently and wait until our actions affect this friend.

Question: It always seems that I can do more for the group. But as soon as I do this, my corporeal life begins to crumble. What should I do? How can I increase efforts in mutual guarantee?

Answer: We must try to make sure that corporeality and spirituality do not particularly come into contact with each other. Then you will succeed.
From the International Convention “Rising Above Ourselves” 1/9/22, “Working in Mutual Responsibility” Lesson 6

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Feel Your Eternal Part

198Comment: You say that a person can be corrected only by seeing from the perspective of what he is doing to his soul. That is, when committing an offense, I see what I am doing to my eternal part when I reveal the whole picture of cause-and-effect in its overall scope and not at some short period of life.

My Response: Even within a short period of life a person can feel that everything is interconnected, can understand that he is connected to a common system, and can begin to realize that all other people are part of him, that life is short, and he will soon discover—either in this life or after—that by harming others he basically harms himself.

Moreover, this is the most direct harm that he inflicts on himself because in reality, we all represent one whole. We just do not see this system because it is revealed to us when we leave our body.

A person begins to master the properties of leaving the body either during this life or after when the body dies if you give him the opportunity to somehow feel it..

But it is possible. This is what Kabbalah deals with—a method for mastering the feeling that we are one single whole. Only in this case will a person have a different attitude toward others, as toward himself. So it is written: “Love your neighbor as yourself” because in this way we come to the only correct state that actually exists in the universe and only is hidden from us.

The secret world—the one that we do not feel—includes all of us as a single whole, as cells of one body.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Presumption of innocence” 3/10/10

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