How Do You Develop A Point In The Heart?

laitman_929Question: I heard that we are all parts of the one soul of Adam and within each of us there is a spark from it called a point in the heart. What is a point in the heart and how can it be developed?

Answer: We all belong to one desire. This huge desire was divided into many parts, each of which fell into your, my, or his body. Our bodies separate these parts of desire from each other. I want one thing, you want another one, and he wants something else because our bodies rule and order the desire that it should want.

The wisdom of Kabbalah says that if while living in this world in our bodies we connect together the parts of the desire that exist within each of us, then in the created common desire we will begin experiencing the out-of-body phenomena, that is, a different reality—the spiritual world.

After all, each one feels this world within his personal, individual, isolated desire. And if we unite our desires, then they acquire a new quality precisely due to the unification. This common desire becomes integral and joint, and within it we feel the reality that exists outside of you, me, or him: the upper world.

It is not so difficult to achieve this; the main thing is to understand how important it is for us to see the upper degree, a state higher and more external than this world, that is, the future world. As it is written, “You will see your world in your life.” If we cancel the limitations of the body and unite into one man with one heart, we will feel the upper world.
From  “Answers to Beginners’ Questions” 7/24/2017

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