Going Beyond The Limits Of Earthly Sensations

709Question: The issue of aging has been of great concern to humanity all the time. A person in his youth and old age, are they two different people or one?

Answer: Whether we are young or old, alive or dead, these are just our depictions of ourselves. Of course, any reasoning is possible here, but until we rise above the egoism in which we feel ourselves and our world, we will not be able to correctly recognize what other possibilities there are to feel.

Question: That is, I depict myself as young, and after a while as old. Yet, I do not feel that way. Is this feeling imposed on me?

Answer: Yes, it is imposed. But still, it is imposed inside of you.

Question: Who imposes it?

Answer: The upper force imposes the entire picture of this reality on us. Each of us has his own picture imposed on him. And this is how we act.

However, at the same time, there are people who are given the opportunity to change this picture. It depends on how they work with it and this is where the interaction between people and their mutual development begins.

Question: What is the purpose of imposing this picture?

Answer: For a person to rise above it.

Question: All the people?

Answer: Eventually, all of them.

Question: Is this why we are given the feeling of the state of life and death?

Answer: Yes, of course. After all, they do not really exist either. However, they are given in order for a person to rise above and go beyond them.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 4/12/21

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