Delight The Creator Like A Baby Delights His Mother

572.02Question: Although I do not feel I am able to sincerely ask for the friends because I only think of myself, I try to do what you teach us mechanically. Do we bring contentment to the Creator in this way?

Answer: Yes. It does not matter what level we are at, even if we try to bring contentment to the Creator at the smallest level, it is precisely because we are small that we please Him. like a baby who smiles at his mother and she is already overwhelmed with what she has received from him.

Therefore, our level does not mean anything. On the contrary: when we are small and beginners, we can bring great pleasure to the Creator by our small annulments. And when we become big, then it is much more difficult.
From the International Convention “Rising Above Ourselves” 1/9/22, “Working in Mutual Responsibility” Lesson 6

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