Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 1/8/22, Part 3

962.5Question: If we act in bestowal between friends, does this mean that we work in faith above reason?

Answer: In general, yes. This is the beginning, and then you will see what will happen.

Question: Do our views about the Creator also produce the corrections necessary for the revelation of the Creator in us? In what way?

Answer: Undoubtedly! How? Under the influence of the upper light that we awaken by our striving for each other and from within us toward the Creator.

Question: Rabash writes: …he must believe above reason and imagine that he has already been rewarded with faith in the Creator that is felt in his organs, and he sees and feels that the Creator leads the entire world as the good who does good. What are these organs that he is talking about in this passage? How does one feel them?

Answer: Organs are the qualities of bestowal. In my qualities of bestowal that I cultivate in relation to my friends, I will begin to reveal the Creator.

Question: Is it possible to consider as a state of closeness to the Creator when, through our prayers, a friend who left the group returns?

Answer: Yes, it’s good. After all, it was the upper light that acted.

Question: There are always some obstacles in our world, and we try to overcome them all together through prayer. Is that enough, or is there some other advice?

Answer: That’s enough for now, and then you’ll discover other possibilities.

Question: What does it mean to believe in the faith of the sages, how does one come to this?

Answer: We must take what Kabbalists advise us, what Rabash writes in his articles, as a basis, and implement it.

Question: How can we feel the Creator with all our organs if we have only five egoistic sense organs?

Answer: You have a lot more of them, millions of sensations: taste, color, whatever! We don’t know that yet. And then you will see how many different possibilities of sensations there are in us.

Question: What is the difference between a personal Kli (vessel) in faith above reason and a ten’s Kli in faith above reason?

Answer: By a personal Kli we mean a group. What other Kli could there be otherwise? You yourself are not a Kli. You yourself are just a black dot.

Question: How and in what does faith above reason differ from self-hypnosis?

Answer: Faith is higher than reason; it is a clear construction of a spiritual Kli (vessel) in accordance with what Kabbalists tell us. And here I have to follow the instructions written by Rabash, Baal HaSulam, and other Kabbalists.

Question: It is said to believe in the sages and walk the whole way with your eyes closed. What does it mean to “walk the whole way”?

Answer: The whole way means that you need to impose the quality of bestowal on all your egoistic desires when the screen (Masach) is above the egoistic desire (Aviut).
From the International Convention “Rising Above Ourselves” 1/8/22, “Going with Faith above Reason” Lesson 5

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