Positive Side Of Coronavirus

961.1Question: How long will coronavirus last?

Answer: I hope that it will not end, but will deepen and expand more and more, that it will put such barriers between us that will show us how much we hate each other and how distanced we are from each other.

Question: With what probability do you claim that it will not end?

Answer: I say what I see. I cannot measure how it will be.

Question: But this is not a 100% prediction, is it?

Answer: No, but it will probably happen in this way. If not, then it will be replaced by something more serious.

The coronavirus replaces a lot of bad events like wars for us. It distances people from each other and limits them. Therefore it is very good that it exists in this form.

I am all for the coronavirus being increased even more because it shows people at what distance they should be from each other, so their internal feelings correspond to the external ones. As long as you do not think good about a person, you will not be able to come close to him.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 12/21/21

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