Let’s Close Pandora’s Box

294.2How can we recover from the coronavirus and generally cure our whole life? We wonder where we get this virus from. Yes, the time just comes, a state is reached, such relationships between people that all these microbes come out.

These viruses do not act against us. All of them come from one higher power with the aim of straightening us, connecting us with each other, involving us in a common action. It seems to us that the virus separates us, but in fact, there is nothing to separate because we have never been connected. And now, when everyone is suffering, this collective suffering somehow brings us closer to each other.

Therefore, it is possible to cope with the virus only on one condition: that we fix the relationship between us. Otherwise, the disease will flare up anywhere, just out of thin air at the North Pole or on an isolated ship where not a single sick person seems to have boarded. It does not depend on where people are, but only on their relationship to each other.

The more selfish our relationship is, the worse the viruses will be. Therefore, let’s fix them now, do not wait for the next viruses. The “epoch of viruses” has come; more cunning blows from nature, which, in accordance with our development, strike more sophisticatedly and accurately. Humanity, with our machinery and technology are developing, and viruses and diseases are developing along with us.

In the old days people were simpler, and therefore did not suffer from modern diseases like migraines and depression. And in our time, even animals have begun to suffer from human ailments. We are moving forward in development. Therefore, we must correct ourselves, otherwise new, even more terrible viruses will be revealed. And we will have to invent new drugs all the time, but I do not think that we will be able to win this race. After all, viruses will become more and more cunning and specialized.

A person develops, but at the same time he cannot grow wiser and begin to correct himself. After all, the egoism of a person grows all the time and covers his eyes. He cannot admit that he himself is to blame for everything and that he is looking for a way to get rid of the blow instead of correcting it in the bud.

Nature tells us that we need to correct ourselves. Instead of the government, instead of the state education program, a tiny virus comes that you can’t even see and it educates us all in a wonderful way. We have not bowed to people, to society, but we have bowed to a microscopic virus and are ready to obey it. The virus decides how we live and work.

Let’s hope that gradually we will gain reason and feelings in order to understand who we are and in what baseness we live that is unworthy of people. Maybe it will lead us to repentance.
From KabTV’s “A Conversation with Journalists” 1/6/22

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