What Do I Do If I Don’t Agree With This World?

559Question: Valentin writes: “I have a strange feeling that everything around is a lie. The government lies, managers lie, the media lie. There is no truth in anything anywhere. But then how does one live? Whom can we believe? I’ve never felt it so sharply before.”

Answer: Yes, it depends on how much you have developed and feel the actual nature of the world, that egoism lies at the basis of the nature of the world. When a person begins to feel this, he really gets lost: “Where can I go?”

There are people who go to some distant islands or somewhere in a village to live quietly by themselves. They even disconnect themselves from the outside world in some way. And there are others who believe that if they accumulate wealth, for example, they will protect themselves, their future, and their successors.

Question: So how can he live with this feeling that he constantly sees that he is being deceived everywhere?

Answer: This is the nature of the world, and then—Kabbalah.

If he does not agree with the nature of our world, then he can only do one thing, go against this nature.

Question: What question should he have?

Answer: He should ask a serious question: Is it possible that the world is arranged by lies or not?

The world is designed so that we can change it. Therefore in our egoism we perceive the world in this way. If we change ourselves, the world will change.

Question: If he has such a sharp feeling that everything around him is a lie, does it mean that he needs to change?

Answer: Certainly. Otherwise he will not change the world. We think about changing the world all the time. This is the highest egoism.

Comment: This means the media cannot be destroyed, the government cannot be overthrown, the managers cannot be replaced.

My Response: Don’t do all this. We must try to show the whole world that its very nature—still, vegetative, animal, and human especially—is absolutely egoistic. And we need to correct this nature. Moreover, it is corrected from the “human” level.

Question: Therefore I always start from myself?

Answer: Start from yourself and others, with the connection between us, with the connection between people, and then nature will change at all levels. From top to bottom it will go to the animal, vegetative and still world.

Question: If I, an ordinary person, start with the connection with my loved ones, start trying to make it kind—no matter what, no matter what skirmishes and so on—will I start changing the world?

Answer: Yes, of course!

Comment: There are such rulers around in this world today that a person wants to overthrow them so much!

My Response: No, there is no need to overthrow. That would be an even bigger mess. That is all the wrong technique. It is necessary not to overthrow. It is necessary to show them how this should change.

“On them” means that, in principle, we need to explain its essence to the world. And the rulers are puppets. The hearts of the rulers are in the hands of this upper nature. And we need to understand that it is an explanation—just an explanation—that can lead people to change their attitude to themselves, to the world, and to others.

Question: And if someone who sees a solid lie around starts explaining to himself and others that this is human nature, that it is necessary to rise above it, to work with it, and to switch to good connections, what will he see instead of this lie?

Answer: Huge egoism. And we need to talk about this. Where is the method of correcting the world? It is in correcting a person. But not just in shouting and putting pressure on others. Rather, the method is in teaching, ennobling, and changing a person.

Question: If I start to change, what do I see?

Answer: If I start to change, I begin to see that this is what the world needs. And the world will change accordingly along with this. I will see more and more goodness in this world. And to the extent that I have such an impact on the world, I will see how it is changing.

This way—through our attitude to the world, and not only from me—we will bring the world into a state of correct balance.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 1/3/22

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