Changing the Information Supplied By The Mass Media Is of Prime Importance

Audio Newspaper "Kabbalah Today"A question I received: Do the mass media and our culture have to change?

My Answer: Definitely. In fact, this is the most important thing. The mass media must serve as a global education system, explaining the essence of the globalization process. This should be their primary responsibility.

All the sources of communication and all the channels supplying people with information should spend 24 hours a day giving people the knowledge of how to organize life under the new conditions. And in truth, this is the only thing people want to hear because everything around them is falling apart and this knowledge gives them the only thing that can save them.

If millions of people begin to think about this, then this thought will be prevalent everywhere. After all, there is no distance for thoughts, so whatever people think about in one place becomes instantly expressed in other places. The power of thought of millions of people is enormous, and it can make everything become revealed at lightning speed. As a result, the correction will happen much faster than the corruption. While the process of the fall of the generations took place over millennia, the correction can happen in just a few months.

Kabbalah explains the process of our development. No one goes through this process by their own will; everyone is forced to participate by the pressure of the circumstances. No one asks our consent to participate in this process, because egoists would never agree to give something up and unite.

However, people will be able to do this because they desire to get rid of their troubles! And they need to know that there is no other solution. The explanation must be based on evidence taken from nature and science and it must cite the opinions of scientists and specialists in the field of economics and finance. Then people will become convinced that there is no choice but to unite in the global world, which is dominated by the “butterfly effect.”

There is no other choice – we will have to do this! What else is left for us to do, if this is what Nature demands? We can either die or live – the choice is ours!
(From the lesson on Baal HaSulam’s article, “One Precept,” on 03.08.2009)

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