The G-20 Leaders Are Like Children Trying To Build A House

specialTwo questions I received about the upcoming G-20 summit:

Question: Should the G-20 leaders come to some kind of mutual agreement, which will help the world advance?

My Answer: Of course, the situation will push them to some kind of agreement, but what kind? The poor guys have no solution! None of them has anything to say! Obama didn’t even come to the last summit, excusing himself by saying that he has just started his term in office.

No one can offer any solution because no one has a plan! If they had a plan, then something would have been published by now, something would have been done. But, it hasn’t! They cannot do anything under the conditions of globalization because they do not have the “glue” – the force to connect with one another. Even Gordon Brown and other leading economists who understand that it’s necessary to unite, do not know how to do it.

This situation reminds me of children who want to build a house but do not know how to go about this task. They shout, “We want to build a beautiful house where everyone will be happy!” All are gathered on the playground, everyone is excited, but they do not know what to do and therefore they are all left helpless with this problem on their hands.

Question: What do they lack?

My Answer: They lack a connection with the unique Force that can create unification. However, as they gain an understanding of the world’s systems, they will at least realize that they do not have a connection or this Force.

They are literally like children who want to build a house. But what next? How should they build it? This they do not know. They know that a house has walls and a roof, but do not know how to assemble it, as there is no program, plan or strength. In order to solve this task, they need an understanding of the entire structure, but this is something they do not have either. No one envies them and no one would want to be in their shoes now.
(From the lesson on the Baal HaSulam ‘s article “One Precept,” on 3.08.2009)

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