We Are All Messengers Sent To This World From The Upper World

woman3A question I received: Several years ago I revealed my predestination: to be a messenger. And there are many people like me – those who are waiting for the Hour of Command, and this Hour is close. I have much knowledge and I am ready to connect, but I don’t want to come out just yet. I found your TV channel, and it seems like the right place to make a heartfelt appeal: I am destined by the absolute kingdom to serve as a messenger of knowledge. It is in my power to change the order of the world. I need your guidance and advice.

My Answer: You are right: we are all messengers who came to this world from the Upper World, sent here in order to rise above the egoism of this world and return home, to the Upper world. As Ostap Bender, the hero from The Twelve Chairs, used to say, “Kabbalah (the international force) will help us!”

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