The Biological War Against Egoism

584.03The pandemic has thrown the world into disarray because people do not understand what is happening, do not know what will happen next, and do not know how to protect themselves. Therefore, there is no joy in people and life in the city is no longer bustling and bubbling. It has changed to a gloomy atmosphere. Everyone thinks only about how to stay healthy and not to get infected.

But it would be a mistake to assume that this is a temporary period that will pass. The coronavirus pandemic is here to stay for a long time because this is a very special blow. The virus knows how to affect all areas of our life: family, all of society, children and adults, from young people to the elderly. It can make all kinds of corrections in all forms of society and its connections.

There will also be such strains of coronavirus that will destroy everything old and establish new connections between us. This virus is very smart. It is a biological particle and it is waging a biological war with us against our egoism.

Therefore, the virus with all its new global forms of manifestation will accompany us until the end of correction. Egoism will try to adapt to living next to this beast called coronavirus. But this will not work because this is a biological war that nature is waging against us. If we react to this war correctly, as to something that is directing us to the correction of egoism, we will succeed.

The Creator attacks us with this biological virus and tries to put us in order. But humanity has not yet grasped the correct form it should treat what is happening.

The virus is a factor of a very high and special level because it affects the lack of the correct connection at the biological level. This is no longer the inanimate or vegetative degree but an animate one and one that belongs to the spiritual level. That is, the virus acts as if it wants to jump out into spirituality. Since we do not make this jump, the virus pushes us to ascend to the spiritual degree. And it will do its job.

Eventually, we will discover that we have no solution and that only through the common work of all of us will we be able to eliminate the coronavirus. It will become clear to us that this can be done only through our joint efforts. The virus will oblige us to connect with each other, and this is the only way we can survive it.

The virus is advancing us to spirituality but so far in a negative form. If we were correctly connected with each other, we would be acting more correctly together toward the virus. It would direct us to where we should connect more and where less, it would guide us.

Since we are not doing this yet, and doctors do not disclose that all diseases depend on human behavior, on the lack of balance between us, we will have to suffer more.

Soon we will understand that it is necessary to cover ourselves with masks not so that we do not get infected by the virus from others, but in order not to let your virus infect others. This is already a factor at the human level because it is determined not just by the mask on my face but by my attitude toward this protection: am I trying for my own good or for the sake of others. Who do I put a mask on my face?

The pandemic will not end but will only grow. Nature will not let us be. Nature has millions of different viruses. A virus is a genetic defect that we cause in the genetic system of nature. The entire system is interconnected at all levels, in all forms, in all subsystems.

We do not establish the correct connection between people, the law of love your neighbor as yourself, but only move further away from it. By this, we stimulate the release of viruses, the incorrect development of biological particles at the highest degree of the development of nature above which is only the spiritual degree. We ourselves cause these viruses. They are a consequence of our uncorrected egoism.

Therefore, the pandemic will not end so easily. It will grow and spread in all kinds of ways. Nature has the means to restrain us and guide us correctly to the goal.
From KabTV’s “Conversation with Journalists” 11/28/21

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