Masks Are Back

592.02Look what is happening: the Creator is allowing us to almost eliminate the pandemic, but as soon as we breathe a sigh of relief and take off our masks, it suddenly returns with a new force. This is to show us that nothing has gone away, and we have learned nothing from the last wave. Therefore, after a temporary abatement, it returns again.

We needed this respite to distinguish the second blow from the first one and understand that we did nothing. If the pandemic just continued, it would be one blow from which we would learn nothing.

Why were there ten plagues in Egypt? Was one not enough? The Passover Haggadah says that the people of Israel received four hundred blows, one hundred, two hundred, three hundred.

We are at the stage of the final correction when all evil must be revealed. However, in what form it will be revealed depends on us, on our desire to receive the force of correction.

The shortest, ideal way is to turn to the Creator and ask him for the force of connection. We must be connected together as in the corrected system of Adam HaRishon. However, there is no way we can reach such a connection except with the help of the upper force that would influence us and make it possible to connect with each other and all of us together with the Creator.

We have no other choice. Otherwise, we will receive blow after blow. The people of Israel are able to hear this because they have a point in the heart and the heart is the place where this information is received.

The coronavirus binds us. It is like a symbol of our egoistic connection. Therefore, it passes from person to person and manifests itself egoistically in order to eventually teach us how to change the relationships between us.
From KabTV’s “Conversation with the Writers” 6/24/21

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