The Coronavirus Is Coming Back

961.2The coronavirus will inevitably return. We did not draw the correct conclusions from the first wave of the pandemic, and the second wave will come. All that we understood from the first wave is that we should stay at home, and if we go out, we should wear a mask and keep distance between us. And of course, this is not enough to correct our state.

Therefore, I initially did not expect the coronavirus to disappear quickly. This was only the first wave and a second would come after it, and it is already happening. Not just a repetition of the wave, but new mutations of the virus from a new source. And closer to winter, I think there will be a third wave.

It is very possible that these waves will come with great frequency, time after time, to teach us that we need to finally do something with ourselves. Otherwise, the virus will disconnect us from the normal life we had before. We will have to change the whole routine of life, the economy, industry, forms of work, child care, and forms of communication and interaction.

The virus affects everything because our whole world is built on the connection between people. The pandemic is striking precisely this connection between us. We will now begin to feel more and more how much of a qualitative disturbance this blockage of connection is. The pandemic does not allow us to communicate even with masks on.

The virus will mutate to such an extent that vaccinations will stop working so that we will start thinking about what should the nature of the vaccination be, what it should do, and how we should prepare ourselves so as to not undergo heavy blows. We need to start getting smarter!

The waves of the pandemic are like the Egyptian plagues that push us to rise above our egoism, to get out from the power of the Pharaoh. Is this the direction of our actions, thoughts, and conversations? Do we realize that the coronavirus is the same plague that the people of Israel experienced in Egypt: blood, frogs, lice, and everything else? We have to go through all this, but in a different form.

You can try to close borders so the virus does not penetrate from the outside, but this will not help because the Creator still implements His upper program. The virus will not disappear and will not leave us, because it has not caused any changes within us so far. And so it will have to beat the people of Israel and the whole world again and again.

Israel can by its internal correction cure itself and the whole world of the pandemic by serving as the medicine for the entire human society. If the Jews start treating each other correctly, the pandemic will disappear all over the world, and all of humanity will be cured.
From KabTV’s “A Conversation with Journalists” 6/24/21

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