Through The Borderline States Of Our World

226Question: The science of management is largely based on the principles of determinism developed by Newton. And what was discovered in the 20th century: quantum physics, the Heisenberg principle, and other discoveries, are followed with great difficulty, or to put it simply, are not followed at all. Do you think this is possible to overcome?

Answer: Only by re-educating a person. There is no other way!

After Newton, all the discoveries of Heisenberg, Hugh Everett, Einstein, etc., these are all borderline states of our world—still egoistic thinking. But scientists are already trying to break into another area where forces, space, time, and energy are combined into one single whole, and the division into separate parameters disappears.

This cannot be learned and mastered by people until they undergo personal transformation and start to perceive themselves, space, society, humanity, and the entire cosmos as one single whole. But all this can be done only if people in a small team decide to cancel themselves in relation to the team. This is the essence of the Kabbalistic practice.

If they try to do this, and we know that it does work, then they have a completely different perception of space, time, and events. They go beyond the egoistic, deterministic framework to the level of integrality, globalism, interconnectedness, one single nature. All the principles operate there, of course, in a different way.

So, the transition from Newton to not even a modern but the correct unified field and space theory is possible only if we recreate a person. After all, a person feels everything through himself.

We do not see what is actually happening around us, we depict this world inside us. It is felt inside of us. And what the world represents outside of us, we cannot say because we are able to explore it only from within.

In our International Kabbalah Academy, many people are trying to enter the system of self-transformation: from “I” to “we,” in order to feel the world. Not to express it mathematically, as Einstein tried to do, but to feel it in a form independent of man.

Rising above our egoistic nature, we feel the space that is not disturbed by us, we see a different system and different calculations. And here begins a completely different physics and connection with all of nature.
From KabTV’s “The Science of Management” 6/23/21

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