Integrality Of The Overall System

275Question: There are hundreds of management approaches, but if they are integrated, then four approaches can be distinguished: administrative, scientific, industrial, and human.

To what level can a parabola be applied in governance? Or is it possible to consider everything in a complex, starting from the upper level and ending with the lowest one?

Answer: It is better to consider approaches to management in a complex, because we live in one integral, interconnected nature. But since we are such selfish, scattered, individual personalities, we do not see the integral existence of the entire system.

The system is one, nature is one. As it arose from one design of creation, from the Big Bang, it develops from one source.

Nevertheless, we see nature in the form of scattered systems because we divide it according to our small mental, psychological capabilities because they are not interconnected.

But as soon as we start to unite into a common system, say, even in a ten, then we will have a completely different approach, a view of nature, and we will perceive it as an interconnected system in which there is no division into psychology, zoology, and everything else. It is one common whole.

Therefore, dividing management into people, machines, programs, resources, etc. is completely wrong. Now we do this in view of the weakness of our approach. But if we master the integral approach, we will see in it an absolutely complete interaction of the entire system.

It will be described by the same actions and equations, no matter what is meant by them: either a technological process, the flow of some resources, or the combination of society’s schedules. It does not matter. This is all one common whole, like in the body, one organ cannot stand out from the others, it is still tied to the others and works together with them.

Therefore, a real control system should include everything and not be the sum of various subsystems. I think we will reveal this as one whole.
From KabTV’s”Science of Management”

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