Together In One System

938.05Question: Do we influence the rest of the people by the fact that a large enough number of people are studying Kabbalah?

Answer: Of course! We are in one single system, as if in one spiritual body, we are mutually connected, and therefore, directly influence each other.

Suddenly I receive messages from Japan, China, Iran, Chile, and so on, that is, from completely different, opposite points of the earth where people are beginning to feel the emptiness of today’s life and see in Kabbalah the only opportunity, the only means, to change it.

I hope that those who read and listen to us will understand that Kabbalah offers them something incredible, amazing. Moreover, it does not oblige them to anything in any way.

You can stay as you are in your profession, in your life, in your religion, in your studies, in your leisure, in your habits, it does not matter in what. This has nothing to do with anything. Just begin to understand, to realize, to become familiar with the fact that you have an additional part that makes you an eternal perfect being.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #3

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