Everyone Has A Place In The General System Of Adam

Laitman_036Question: You said that it is very important to study the upper worlds and the structure of the soul because this is most important for spiritual advancement. But if we have friends in the group who do not want to study the structure of the soul, they are not interested in it, can they still advance? If they have no desire, can they attain the spiritual world?

Answer: There are very different people in our world, and each had a place in the completed creation. Each person born corporeally has a point inside him or herself that has its place in the general soul.

Therefore, you cannot reject anyone. Not a single person. He may be humanity’s greatest savage; nevertheless, he still must be corrected and granted his place in the common system, Adam—the common soul.

Therefore, if a person does not want to or cannot study the structure of the soul, he is not drawn to it, and he does not understand it, as long as he does not interfere, since there is a condition of “no coercion” in Kabbalah, then you leave him alone.

What does no coercion mean? He does not push you to be like him, he agrees to sit quietly and dissolve in the group, then he is like a germ in you, so you should leave him alone. As long as he brings no harm.

Such people should be kept close. Gradually, they will begin to get used to it, will start to feel things. Nothing can be done here. It is very difficult. I, too, was like this: I did not agree to it, had no desire for it, until I gradually came to understand that this was precisely the way to advance.

One cannot know the ways of the Creator, and so we have to advance. I went through many different states and therefore I say one must have patience, and if a person brings no harm, let him be with to us.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 4/4/19

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