Everyone Needs Time!

Dr. Michael LaitmanEveryone needs time and the freedom to develop without coercion. You see that I allow people to come to the lessons freely and don’t stop anyone if he wants to leave. If a person isn’t harmful, if he isn’t mentally ill so that this kind of study can harm him, then I am always happy to see him, even if he comes once a year. Let him come here and check other places, as long as he clarifies things as quickly as possible. My job is to help him in this and not to tie him to it.

There are different circles people can be in depending on how much they put themselves into this work that are increasingly more internal. And the conditions are tougher; they take greater responsibility upon themselves and need greater help. So every circle needs “policemen and guards” that are increasingly strict, all the way to the most inner circle.

You can determine all this between you. It isn’t so clear now because you don’t understand the root of your souls, but later everything will be clearer. It is to such an extent that Rabbi Shimon’s students knew exactly which Sefira the soul of each friend who is in the general structure of the ten Sefirot came from.

We must respect a person’s patience, since everything can change and one day is different from another. So a person who comes to the lessons for years and is always present and comes back time after time does a great work by that. No matter what, he is incorporated in everyone, and besides, he advances in studying the material. Each time the Surrounding and Inner Lights influence him through the study, the teacher, and the environment.

It is a great thing! We don’t value every moment we were awarded to be in contact or even just in the direction of revelation of the Creator. It is a sign of a lack of respect and the importance of spirituality. So patience is not just waiting in one place, patience is doing the best I can and accepting the outcome!

It may well be that I cannot rejoice every moment with what I receive, since I still lack the feeling that everything comes from the Creator, even the most unpleasant events. But we still must see patience as a very valuable thing.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/2/13, “The Introduction to the Study of the Ten Sefirot

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