The Last Revelation Of Kabbalah

254.02Question: In the history of Kabbalah, this knowledge has been deprecated many times. Will humanity come to the time when people will stop devaluing Kabbalah as a science?

Answer: Kabbalah was revealed 5,778 years ago and gradually broke out first in Ancient Babylon, then in Ancient Egypt, and 3,000 years ago in Ancient Israel. Then, for 2,000 years it was in hiding, and now is starting to emerge again.

We all participate in the revelation of this knowledge that studies the management system of our world. Throughout the years, Kabbalah needed to go into exile repeatedly, but today we begin our last campaign. It is written in the Kabbalistic books that there will be no more concealment of Kabbalah.

Of course, we still feel today that we have a lot of ill-wishers, but the general tendency is to open Kabbalah. The whole world assists with it, all its progress and emerging problems without solution at the level of our world through other sciences.

We must constantly reveal that the Kabbalistic approach to the world is special: nothing negative exists, everything is given only to balance each force that is opposite to it and move forward this way.

The prohibition from above to refrain from the open study of Kabbalah was for a limited period until the end of 1,490. From this year onward, this decree has been lifted and it is permitted to study The Book of Zohar openly.

And since the year 1,540, it is considered to be the higher purpose for the masses to study, old and young, as it is written in “Reya Meemna.” [Abraham Azulai, Preface to the book Ohr HaChama]

This is a gradual process, and we are in the beginning of it. Until now, only small groups of people have engaged in studying Kabbalah. Today, we are beginning to spread it to the masses and to absolutely all without restrictions. Similarly, it happened only with Abraham in Ancient Babylon, 3,500 years ago. And now we repeat his path practically.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 10/29/17

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